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Florida’s Top College Paper [8] Vol. 75 No. 25 April 10, 2009 HIRE-UT weets For Students By Delaney Spoerl Staff Writer The University of Tampa’s Career Services department designed to guide driven students down the proper career path, has just begun using as a new ways of communication with faculty and students. “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?” the website reads. It is an online data base that is updated frequently in regards to upcoming events and notifications in the career services office. Daniella Fusari, a sophomore, intern at the career services office at UT, and founder of Twitter within the department said, “I first heard about Twitter when I started working with Career Services, they asked me if I had heard anything about it. See “Tweet” P.E.A.C.E. Goes Into The Wild [10] . [6] The 2009 Quilt Weaves Poems, Art and Stories By Sophie Erber Staff Writer On May 1, the staffs of Quilt and Respondez are holding an official release party celebrating the newest editions of their publications. On April 14, the 31st edition of the Quilt, a student managed literary art journal, will be distributed free of charge campus-wide. In addition to hosting UT’s Open Mic Night’s, the print edition of the Quilt exhibits all forms of campus art—paintings, poetry, fiction, photography, sculptures and creative non-fiction make up the See “Quilt” [8] Speak Up, Silence Harassers professor. Reason told me he must work on another level with the university, so I asked him if he worked for UT. “No,” he replied. Ok, I thought. “Do you know anyone who works here?” I asked. Once more he replied no. Did he know anyone who By Nicole Robinson worked at UT, I asked. Columnist He said he did a couple of years back but the guy retired. “Hello Nicole,” he said. He said he came to the “Hi,” I replied, although I thought, did I tell him my university to “be around the young people.” name? That should have been a As the conversation went on, I asked him what he taught warning sign, but I felt sorry for the guy. I thought he must have been on campus. He told me that he wasn’t a some harmless older man. Inside ... Time passed, and he started to touch my shoulder, which I brushed off as him being nice. Then he gave me his number and he stopped touching my shoulder and started to kiss my cheek. It wasn’t sweet, it wasn’t cute and it disgusted me. I went from thinking he was a kind old man, to a dirty old man. I later discovered another girl I knew got the same creepy treatment from the guy, so we decided to go to the security office together. By that time, I stopped going to the cafeteria at certain times so I wouldn’t see him. See “Harassment” [18] Students React To Economy [2] SG Election Coverage [4] CD Review: This Providence [7] God Is Not Dead [15] Fashion: Date Wear [8] Oblivious Students [14] Blogs From Overtime [19] Basketball Recruit [19] “Easter tells us that life is to be interpreted not simply by things but in terms of ideals ” Drought Hits Tampa For Third Year By Kelsey Eisenbeis Special to The Minaret The city of Tampa is currently suffering its third consecutive year of a drought, and many students feel free from the environmental concerns that surround them. H o w e v e r, t h e issue lies much closer to campus then most students thought. According to Dr. Al Karlin, a UT biology professor and senior See “Drought” [6] News...................[1-6] A&E..................[7-13] Diversions............[12] Commentary..[14-18] Editorial..............[14] Sports.............[19-20] [Charles M. Crowe]

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