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The Mill House Inn Yearly Calendar For 2007 January February August September March April October May November June July December January MUSIC AT THE TALKHOUSE The Stephen Talkhouse, 161 Main Street, Amagansett 267-3117 Fri 1/12 Who Are Those Guys? 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 A Classic Rock & Roll Band playing original music as well as the best of classic rock. Influences include Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Creedence, The Dead, The Allmans Bros & The Band, among others. Sat 1/13 Too Busy Being Bored 8:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Rock & Roll for all ages Sat 1/13 The Elements 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Fri 1/19 The Jam Bandits 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Local Band Sat 1/20 The Lone Sharks 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Gene Casey, guitarist, singer, songwriter, founded the Lone Sharks in the early summer of 1988. He had just moved to Sag Harbor, on the east end of Long Island, after having lived in NYC and playing in various bands in what could be described as "the tail end of the punk/new wave scene," as Gene puts it, "and I do mean the tail." Lots of gigs, lots of demos, but no records and no stardom. "I guess I should be grateful that I got to play those rooms, like the MuddClub, Max's Kansas City, Peppermint Lounge, and CBGB's. They all had such fantastic dressing rooms." Out on the east end, Gene found several little bars that were open to paying for live music. The Lone Sharks were formed more or less as a lark. "To drink beer, and play our favorite songs." Years later, "not that much has changed.”Kidding aside, things have been upped a notch or two. The Sharks play up to 150 gigs a year, and most of them are still out east where a devoted following keeps the band working year round. The Lone Shark CDs, consisting mostly of Gene's selfpenned tunes have been a catalyst for newer and better things. "We've learned a lot in putting them out. What to do, and what not to do. We’re still trying to capture our live sound.” Gene plays a battered 1967 Gretsch Anniversary hollow body guitar, and usually wears black attire "because Johnny Cash and Orson Welles did, though I'm not sure they did for the same reason." Shark fans have come to expect the usual on-stage theatrics from Gene: duckwalks, windmills, and show-stopping splits, a la T-Bone Walker and Chuck Berry. "They're not really splits," says Gene. "I can't get low enough. They're more splats." After many years living in Sag Harbor, Gene has recently moved to the wilds of the East End’s North Fork, drawing inspiration from the farms and vineyards that make up this decidedly less hectic area. Thurs 1/25 Open Jam Anyone who wants to be in an open jam call 631-267-3117 and leave a message for ext. 303 Fri 1/26 Mama Lee and Friends 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Six piece local band with two female singers. Sat 1/27 Annie Morgan Band 10:00 pm Gen Admin: $10 Annie Morgan has been called the best soul/R&B singer on Long Island. A long time staple on the East End music scene, fronting such local favorites as the Poor Lost Souls, Round Trip and Moving Target, Annie possesses incredible vocal range and her band includes some of the finest players on the east end. Annie does what only the very best singers do, she gives those who come to listen something of herself. She does this openly, honestly and without artifice. There’s no holding back, she’s exciting to listen to and exciting to watch. The music comes at you like heat lightning. The electricity she generates snaps, crackles and the place rocks!

MHI Calendar 2007

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