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27470 Millennium News Summer 10 8/17/10 9:27 AM Page 1 ©4 Summer 2010 SUMMER 2010 Summer Road Trip As we prepared for our 2010 Millennium Summer Road trip, we paused to reflect on family vacations of yester years. Family trips usually started with Dad fueling up the family station wagon and Mom frying up a batch of chicken for the road. With the cooler full of RC cola, each of the kids with their favorite pillows would pile into the back, staking their claim on any space not filled with suitcases and spare tires! And of course, we always broke down in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire or an overheated radiator. Yes, we could always expect quite an adventure! Visit our website for more photos 2011 Millennium XL II Double Slide #9597, make the journey your destination! Little did we know what adventures awaited us as we fueled up our coaches, grabbed a few and programmed the extra belts GPS…destination Northern Michigan, ETA….22 hrs & 18 min! After weeks of Heritage Motor Coach Resort and Marina 28888 Canal Road Orange Beach, AL 36561 EXPLORE THE NEW HERITAGE MOTOR COACH RESORT AND MARINA AS OUR GUEST. Millennium Luxury Coaches 1601 Dolgner Place Sanford, Florida 32771 Our Class A-exclusive resort features 79-individually owned motor coach sites with coach houses, marina with 14 ft beams, 3,000 sf clubhouse, infinity-edge pool, and more. All this can be home – ask us about ownership, boat slips and come see for yourself why Heritage Motor Coach Resort is the ultimate experience. To schedule your complimentary stay*, Call 1-888-792-8481 *Subject to availability. First night is free with minimum two night stay. Exclusive to Class A motor coaches only. planning we were ready to roll! Waving goodbye, we breathed a sigh of relief as we hit the road. We laughed out loud wondering “How did we manage without motor homes, Map Quest and in motion satellite TV back in the day” when we had only sing along’s and “punch buggy” to keep the kids busy? It never failed, just as we got to “32 bottles of beer on the wall”, somebody was pinching somebody and Mom’s arm would come flailing into the backseat to make peace as Dad threatened, “Don’t make me pull this car over!!” Ahhh, the good ole’ days! As we approached Atlanta, we checked our GPS, yep, right on schedule! And then we heard a panicked cry from the rear of the coach “did anyone pack toilet paper?!!” Maybe we weren’t quit as prepared as we thought. Thankfully, there was a rest stop in sight…..disaster narrowly averted!! With TP now added to the pre-trip inspection we headed north. Somehow we managed to hit downtown Atlanta at rush hour and it was there that we learned the first of many lessons...the Girl Bus can definitely loose the Boy Bus if there is too much chattering going on!! Yep, the Boy’s Bus was there one minute and gone the next. Unexplainable! But Millennium gals are known for their resourcefulness and somehow managed to beat the convoy to the Tennessee line! the evening. This beautiful part of our country is untouched by time, where you can still buy cherries at road side stands using the honor system. With the miles of driving behind us we began to unwind and visit with friends. Time slipped away and relaxation settled in. The time honored traditions of good food, great road stories and even a S’more or two caused us all to slow down a bit and begin to enjoy our journey! But, as every RV’er knows, the road begins to beckon and the time to move along. As we continued along our way and completed what would be a three week Road Trip Extravaganza, we noticed a subtle change begin to occur. Instead of watching the GPS, we read roadside signs out loud. We determined that Map Quest lies and you get much better directions from farmers at country stores. And you never know what you’ll find on the back roads and most importantly, we learned that the treasures of any great road trip are the friends you meet along the way. At the end of the summer, whether in a station wagon or a Millennium, we all yearn for a good road trip. For us here at Millennium it became less about the destination and more about the journey. Whatever destination you have in mind for your Summer Road Trip we hope your journey is full of adventure and you find a few of your own treasures along the way! As we approached Northern Michigan, the lapping waters along the shores invited us to pull over, take a stroll and dip our toes into the cool waters of Lake Michigan. It was so tempting; we couldn’t resist, so we made a quick stop before heading into the resort for n, it’s in the details o i t c e ! Perf PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID MID-FLORIDA, FL PERMIT NO. 20590

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