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o4 Summer 2009 SUMMER 2009 The Ultimate Class designed to provide the ultimate driving experience! Millennium Debut’s first Prevost Quad Slide It’s the dawning of a new Millennium! Quite a stir was created this past January at the Tampa Super show as many toured through the first Millennium Quad slide-out shell as it sat proudly on display at the Prevost booth. After much anticipation, Millennium Luxury Coaches is proud to debut the finished conversion. Prevost’s integrated chassis structure provides unparalleled vertical, lateral and torsional rigidity when compared to bodyon-chassis constructions. Stress simulations, track, road and shakedown testing have resulted in developing the optimal structure to serve as the safest and most durable foundation for your dream estate on wheels. All chassis are not created equal! Prevost quality begins with experienced design. Like Prevost luxury highway touring coaches, Prevost bus shells for conversion are designed for heavy duty commercial applications. Combining lasting performance of integral construction and heavy duty components that ensure optimal safety, durability and longevity is the cornerstone of the Prevost engineering. Prevost’s Structural Integrity RV’ing is fast becoming the preferred way of traveling for many families. Whether it’s for extended visits to your favorite location or traveling cross country. There’s freedom in setting your own schedule, moving at your own pace and most importantly sleeping in your own bed. The additional square footage made available with the addition of the second front slide-out just makes traveling that much better. “Although installing after-market slides has always been an option, Millennium’s committment to Prevost factory installed slides has been well worth the wait,” says Millennium’s President, Nelson Figueroa. “The engineering is superior to all other slide manufactures and the slide-outs are installed during the manufacturing process, not cut in after the fact, this ensures additional stability and superior fit and finish.” Prevost beam and gusset construction maximizes bay storage capacity and their well proven pin-less locking system provides for a clean finish with no visable slide mechanisms. These factory integrated slideouts are designed to be imperceptible when retracted and become a natural extention of the shell when deployed. Best of all, they’re fully covered under Prevost’s factory warranty and after-sales support. Millennium has given special consideration to the floor plan design of the new Quad slide. One of the largest hurdles faced with additional slide-outs is how they affect the floor plan during travel. Space is often constrained with portions of the coach being rendered virtually unusable. Millennium spent a great deal of time designing the perfect floor plan. “The additional space is amazing in the quad slide but we also wanted to maximize available space during travel, we wanted the best of both worlds for our clients,” says Evelyn Figueroa, interior designer for Millennium. Millennium Luxury Coaches 4500 Orange Blvd. Sanford, Florida 32771 Nearing Completion Late August Best Value Now Prevost Quad-slide doesn’t just look stunning, it delivers the most advanced technology along with sophisticated design. You have the luxury of using your I-Phone or Apple IPod Touch to access coach functions remotely or have Millennium technicians remotely connect to monitor and diagnose, even during transit. With internet speeds reaching 1.8 megabytes per second you can surf and download without restriction. The onboard media server has 500 gigabytes of storage capacity allowing you and your family to watch hundreds of your favorite movies, store pictures and listen to your favorite tunes. With all those movies on the media server, Movie Night will be a hit with the 52” drop down LCD TV in the salon! Always at the forefront of design, Millennium’s new two stage, multi-position awning system provides for more flexibility on awning configuration. Whether you want to maximize the view or provide additional shade for entertaining on the patio, it all happens with the touch of a button. Each individual awning can be programmed to provide slide-out coverage, window shade or, in the fully extended position, a full patio awning on driver or passenger side. Long established as a pioneer for change and growth in the industry, Millennium continues to search for new and better ways to keep you connected and focussed on enjoying the lifestyle rather than working at playing. We live in a world of networking. With Blackberries, I-phones, high speed internet and most recently Twitter, we’re all connected. Unfortunately for some, the connection ends when you board your RV. Not so with the new Millennium! This 2010 Millennium n, it’s in the details o i t c e ! Perf PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID MID-FLORIDA, FL PERMIT NO. 20590

Millennium magazine issue 4

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