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27470 Millennium News Winter 7/12/11 9:44 AM Page 1 ©4 Winter 2009 WINTER 2009 Keeping tires inflated to optimum level also enhances fuel efficiency and provides for better handling. Improved safety enhanced fuel savings and extended tire life and it’s all standard on the new Millennium! With such accurate and timely information, accidents and breakdowns can be avoided. Such an important safety component should be right at the top of your equipment list when buying a new motor home. Living the Good Life Service Manager, Shell Division Bill Jensen raveling across this beautiful country in a luxury RV; that has to fall into the category of “living the good life.” Whether you’re aimlessly wandering and deadheading for that final destination, you have to admit, the itinerary has been set by you. T Luxury RV Communities popping up across the nation there’s no shortage of destinations. Overlooking the coast in Maine or perched on the side of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, you’ve got windows to the world. And the landscape changes daily. custom LED’s with ground effects, that is! With equipment like that you have to be prepared to host race day or game night but what better way to meet the neighbors? Can’t we all count among our closest friends someone we met on the road? Haven’t we all been asked why we RV when you could get there faster by flying? Our answer? On board the Millennium, you can have more than 3 oz’s of shampoo! Not to mention that you choose your traveling companions, your luggage is safely stowed and pet’s are always welcome. With built in pressure washers and one touch pre-programmed “mood” settings, we’ve thought of it all. But we can’t forget whether you’re a full-timer or a tailgater your luxury motor home should add to the experience. “It should look like a million bucks, but feel like home”, says Evelyn Figueroa Co-owner and Interior Designer for Millennium Luxury Coaches. “Space planning is critical, it has to look impressive but we can’t forget functionality.” The well thought-out interiors are designed to maximize the space. The galley is designed for the professional chef in you or just to meet the demands for entertaining in small spaces. Complete with hidden slide out countertops and a built-in coffee maker, you can do hors d’oeuvres for 8 or a candlelight dinner for two. With the addition of a second bedroom slide, it’s like having a separate Master Suite, “with lots of hidden cubbies for shoes!”, added Evelyn. Impressive but practical. The destination is always exciting but it’s what happens on the journey that makes for good memories. “Late nights driving cross country with my son as the co-pilot or making a pit stop at the UFO museum in Roswell with my daughter, some of our best family memories have been made in a motor home”, says Nelson Figueroa, President of Millennium Luxury Coaches. Prevost’s new TPMS, which is the most advanced in the industry, warns against sudden and gradual loss of tire pressure and helps protect you from annoying breakdowns or even serious accidents due to defective tires. The conveniently located dash monitor eliminates the need to check tire pressures manually, shows real-time temperature and tire pressure readings and highlights defective readings. Tire faults and defects are among the most common causes of breakdowns and accidents: inadequate air pressure leads to increased flexing work and premature tire wear. At high speeds this can lead tires to no longer be able to withstand loads and burst. Prevost’s new Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) It’s a lifestyle choice, not a mode of transportation and one that we at Millennium are excited to be part of. With so many new Millennium Mardi Gras Madness March 26th- 30th, 2009 “French Quarter” New Orleans, LA For more info: 877-322-0190 At Millennium we know that one size doesn’t fit all and that extra level of customization is critical to making it yours. Whether it’s a custom den for the kids or a personalized audio/ video system for mom and dad, it’s all in the details. With our I-Control remote access system our technicians can access your coach while you’re en-route and change settings, trouble shoot or just do a quick check up. Where is home? Wherever you wake up. Living the good life? Yes we are! There’s nothing practical about a 52” LCD in the bay entertainment center. Now that’s just for bragging rights! Every Millennium comes with its own night light too, 2000 watts of n, it’s in the details o i t c e ! Perf Millennium Luxury Coaches 4500 Orange Blvd. Sanford, Florida 32771 PRESORTED STANDARD US POSTAGE PAID MID-FLORIDA, FL PERMIT NO. 20590

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