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Military Family Input on Sec 735 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act Sec 735 of the 2013 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which we will refer to as “TRICARE for Kids”, recognizes that children’s health care needs and standards of care are different than those of adults, and calls for a comprehensive review of TRICARE policies with respect to pediatric care. It directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a comprehensive review and develop a plan to ensure that TRICARE meets the pediatric-specific needs of military families, and protects their access to these services and care settings. Additionally, the review will address reimbursement of pediatric care, the adequacy of care and support services for children with special needs, and mechanisms for linking families of children with special health care needs with State and local community resources, including children’s hospitals and providers of pediatric specialty care. In furtherance of TRICARE for Kids, the stakeholder groups of pediatric healthcare advocacy and professional organizations, disability advocacy groups, military family advocacy organizations, and military families have come together over the last several months to engage in an exploration of the issues facing military children and their families, share experiences and expertise, and provide thoughtful and expert input for consideration as the Department of Defense conducts its TRICARE for Kids review. The Military Special Needs Network (MSNN) is a global organization founded to respond to the support needs of our exceptional family members in all branches of the military. As a group of military parents impacted by our children’s disabilities, we represent tens of thousands of military families. We strive to support, empower, inspire, connect, and educate in a peer-to-peer setting, offering a place to find information, support, and services to meet the individual needs of our military families. The Military Special Needs Network, as part of the TRICARE for Kids working group, appreciates the opportunity to share this information with the Department of Defense, Congressional leadership, and the House and Senate Armed Services Committees. We look forward to a continuing dialogue with DoD leadership and staff throughout the TRICARE for Kids implementation process, and providing further and more detailed recommendations and proposals in the coming weeks and months. While not exhaustive, the following discussion points identify major issue areas of concern, recommend pediatric tailored approaches, and for some issues provide specific examples of problems and proposed solutions. Note, for ease of discussion and review, issue areas are organized by TRICARE for Kids study elements as set forth in section 735 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2013. 1 12806 Pinefield Rd. | Poway, California 92064 | 858.524.6847

TRICARE for Kids Report

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