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AWARDS FOR FRC OCEANA’S 900 DIVISION SAILORS PAGE 4 VOLUME 52 NO. 16 APRIL 25, 2013 SERVING NAVAL AIR STATION OCEANA INSIDEJET • DAM NECK ANNEX • NALF FENTRESS Family Iron Chef celebrates Month of the Military Child STORY/PHOTOS BY MC2 ANTONIO P. TURRETTO RAMOS NAS Oceana Public Affairs VFA-131 ARRIVES BACK IN GULF PAGE 6 SPRING FEVER HITS RUNNERS AT OCEANA PAGE 14 The Tides will host Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Night, May 4 at Harbor Park. Gates open at 6 p.m.; game at 7:05. Portion of the $11 tickets will benefit NMCRS. Order tickets by May 1 at www. TidesGroups. com. Chose Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society Night on the drop down menu and use code NMCRS. Military families competed head to head in the “Iron Chef – CYP Style,” April 20 at the NAS Oceana baseball fields to celebrate Month of the Military Child and promote family togetherness. Month of the Military Child is observed annually inApril to promote awareness of the sacrifices military families endure for the sake of national security, according to Cathy Mead, Child & Youth Programs (CYP) director at NAS Oceana. “Those kids serve just like the parents do. They have to endure the separations, they have to endure the moving, they have to endure some discrimination sometimes, because they’re the new kid on the block all the time. So it’s [observing Month of the Military Child] just to bring that up and let’em know that they are really, really special kids,” said Mead. Brand new donated grills from Home Depot, and key ingredients paid for by NAS Oceana CYP were provided for the six families to compete with. The families could also draw from a community table of items to create their dishes. According to Mead,the Iron Chef event is designed to give families an opportunity to be together and work as a team to reach a common goal, but also noted that each family During the “Iron Chef - CYP Style,” family cooking competition, Capt. Bob Geis, commanding keeps their donated grills, so every family is truly a winner. officer of NAS Oceana and a judge for the event, asks Angel Brooks, 8, daughter of AE2(AW) Michael Brooks at VFA-106 about the dish her family made. Six military families competed in — See Cooking competition, Pages 8-9 the April 20 event, sponsored by Child & Youth Programs at NAS Oceana. Work of SAPR victim advocates recognized during training BY CATHY HEIMER Jet Observer A special training was held at NAS Oceana April 9 for the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program victim advocates. The program included a guest speaker from the YWCA of South Hampton Roads, a brief talk from NAS Oceana commanding officer,and skits and videos from the Coalition of Sailors Against Destructive Decisions (CSADD). “The message is pretty simple.Sexual assault is a crime.There’s no way to make it pretty, downplay it. If you think about it, it’s one of the most heinous crimes out there,” said NAS Oceana Commanding Officer Capt. Bob Geis. Geis appreciates the opportunity to speak at the trainings because as the father of a 19-year-old daughter, a college freshman, the message of preventing sexual assault has become personal. “It is vitally important that we do our share and you are doing it by being that victim advocate. You have chosen to do this for some reason… The program absolutely can only exist if you all volunteer,” said Geis as he thanked the advocates. “I think we’re doing the right thing as a service: we’re educating, we’re teaching intervention strategies, we’re teaching to take care of each other — that’s vital,” said Geis. April is national Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month. The Navy’s theme of “Courage” supports the Department of Defense’s theme of “We Own it... We’ll Solve it...Together.” Each of the four weeks in April also includes a sub-theme of courage to learn, courage to prevent, — See Program Page 10

Jet April 25, 2013

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