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The Stay calm, this is only a drill JANE KIRBY Lode Writer The scenario was set with perfection as students from Michigan Tech’s Medical First Responder class fought to keep calm and focused while responding to a mock emergency drill. On Tuesday, Oct. 30 in the basement of Wads, five actors sported large amounts of fake blood and injuries as the class worked together to save lives in this life-like scenario. The light of the flashlights bounced off the walls as the students calmly organized each other into separate groups to start assessing each individual victim’s needs. The scene had been set up to mimic what might happen if a bomb had been detonated in the lower level of the building. To any outside observer, it was remarkable to see how well the students worked together and maintained a calm atmosphere in such a chaotic scenario. It was clear that they have had exceptional training to get to where they are now. Rik Koski, a paramedic instructor coordinator who has over 15 years of experience in teaching emergency medical service courses, teaches EH3690, the Medical First Responder course. Jonathan Stone and Travis Pierce both contributed time and energy to helping out with the course as well as the Director of Kinesiology and Integrative Physiology, Dr. Jason Carter, who made this program possible. Koski’s class meets once a week and goes over emergency medical skills and preparation for the medical first responder certification test, which is offered after the Continued on page 2 Unearthing Calumet’s haunting past SAWYER NEWMAN Lode Writer The Italian Hall Disaster, perhaps one of the most well known tragedies of the Keweenaw and a key event in the 1913-1914 miners’ strike, will be marking its first News: 3 Transportation Enterprise reaches out to bikers centennial next year. A writer for the Huffington Post called the Italian Hall Disaster, “one of the darkest moments in U.S. labor history.” The deaths of 80 people, of which at least 50 were children, makes this a reasonable claim. In the midst of the 1913 strike, a Christmas party was held at the Italian Hall to News: 3 Going the distance- Students design mobile clinic for Ghana boost the spirits of the miners and their families. Sponsored by the Western Federation of Miner’s, it is estimated that around 500 guests were in attendance. At some point in the night, a man reportedly yelled, “Fire!” The fearful crowd, headed Continued on page 5 Pulse: In Concert: Bruce Lundman 6 Students participated in emergency scenarios practicing their medical skills in preparation for the upcoming first responder cerficfication test Photo by Michael Hillard Opinion: 10 The Reliability of: Sports: 14 First female athletic director continues tradition of excellence


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