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The Alumni Way FIRE IN THE ARCHIVES will showcase legacies KATELYN WAARA News Editor Many college campuses have a landmark, or something that students remember and graduates get their picture taken by during their final days on campus. What does Michigan Tech have? It isn’t too exciting to get your picture taken by the MEEM or EERC to remember your college career, and that’s part of the reason why Michigan Tech alumni and private investors are contributing money to construct the “Alumni Way.” Originally known as the “West Campus Mall Project”, the “Alumni Way” will likely consist of an archway on the west end of campus as well as a walkway connection to the existing campus mall. It will include a number of other elements to make the location pedestrian friendly. Landscaping will beautify the area, benches will allow for breaks or gatherings between classes News: LaSarge receives U.S. Air Force Cadet Research Award 2 and the pleasant walkway with commemorative alumni markers will undoubtedly showcase the legacy of those who have passed through Michigan Tech. Shea McGrew, Michigan Tech’s Vice President for Advancement, is one of many people involved in this project’s growth and upbringing. “The idea was always that, hopefully, alumni would contribute,” said McGrew. “The project is to highlight the accomplishments of Michigan Tech Alumni, not so much by naming them, but by celebrating the legacy of alumni here.” Alumni have responded to the call. A committee has been formed in order to gain a sense of what it will take to get the project underway. The committee consists mostly of members of the Alumni Association, but there are also members from the Michigan Tech Foundation Board of Trustees and two students. Many alumni and donors have shown interest in supporting News: City of Houghton tightens parking enforcement 4 KATELYN WAARA News Editor On Friday, Oct. 26, a fire started on the ground level of the J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library. At approximately 11:40 a.m., fire alarms sounded. The building was evacuated shortly thereafter. The installed sprinkler systems in the basement helped to contain the fire until responders were able to get to the scene. It is believed that the fire began in or near the Michigan Tech Archives and Copper Country Collections. Director of Public Safety at Michigan Tech Daniel Bennett said the fire is under full investigation. No injuries were reported and a cause of the fire is yet to be determined. A state fire marshal from Marquette has been called to assist in the investigation as a precautionary measure. “Right now, we are not ruling anything out, but there is no real suspicion that there was any foul play,” Bennett said. The basement has suffered some water damage and Archives staff members are taking the appropriate steps needed to preserve the documents, records and other historical items. The library was closed for the remainder of the day. The Houghton City Fire Department, Mercy Ambulance, Michigan Tech Public Safety and Police Services and Michigan Tech EMS First Responders were at the scene. More information about the cause and extent of damage will be available at a later date. Photo by Michael Hilliard Pulse: Superior Wind Symphony: What We Imagine 6 Opinion: Is posting offensive material on social media prosecutable? 10 Sports: 14 Soccer receives No. 2 seed in GLIAC


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