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October 29, 2013 Safehouse 2013 brings fun and fear RAND SILVERS Lode Writer Thanks to the hard work of hundreds of organizers, tour guides, decorators and actors, Michigan Tech’s 26th annual Safehouse event was a huge success. An estimated 1500-2000 campus and community members took advantage of the event on Saturday, Oct. 26, which included both two-thirds “scary” and one-third “fun” tour routes through halls in Wadsworth and McNair. In following with tradition, the entirety of DHH was devoted to scary themes. Adding to the usual attractions at DHH was a special feature set up by the Sound and Lighting Services student group on campus, which used various effects to turn the ballroom into a creepy mine. Jon Faror, Programming Chair for IRHC, said, “Their goal was to make a professional-style haunted house that is very high-tech. Hopefully we’ll be able to turn this into a tradition that they do every year.” Other scary halls on the DHH tour turned themselves into dark forests, spider’s lairs and several asylums gone wrong. Fun halls included themes such as WreckIt-Ralph, board games and Pokemon. Many of these invited their audiences to participate, by fighting cybugs alongside Ralph in Hero’s Duty, navigating their way through a twister hall, or battling against Bulbasaur. In addition to the fun of setting up the decorations and benefitting the community, Safehouse has a competitive element. All News: Budgeting part IV: the Strategic Plan 3 News: Students dressed up as Wreck it Ralph and Fix it Felix for a fun hallway in McNair. halls are judged on the criteria of Originality, Creativity, Theme Usage, Enthusiasm of Volunteers and Interactivity. This year’s winning scary hall was TreeHouse’s “haunted forest” theme. They 4 Michigan Tech not exempt of phishing attempts Pulse: Photo by Maxwell Curtis outdid their competitors by only two-thirds of a point. Agency and Nightclub (of Visual and Performing Arts) took second but only by .2 points, with their “cult” theme. In the fun category, Raptor, who 7 “Farenheit 451” the play a classic deserves Opinion: Michigan wolf hunt portrayed “Dr. Seuss,” Burrow’s “Harry Potter,” CSLC/Daddy’s Girls’ “old school board games” and Summit/WIE’s “Wreck it 11 Continued on page 4 Sports: 14 Soccer closes out regular home season 1-1


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