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October 22, 2013 Artistic students Create McNair KATELYN WAARA News Editor DHH, Hillside, McNair and Wads each have their own distinct characteristics. DHH, for example, is a building of history and it shows through its structure and aesthetics. Wads, offering a wide variety of spaces for students, is not only much larger than the other residences, it is the most up-to-date of the dorms. Hillside is different because it offers students a feel for apartment living on campus. McNair, with its narrow hallways and east and west wings, is another atmosphere in and of itself. What’s missing from these buildings? McNair and DHH in particular have outdated furnishings in some areas, including artwork and decorations. What is needed are relevant masterpieces to decorate the walls, showcasing Michigan Tech and its students. Raven Rebb, a Software Engineer in her fifth-year at Michigan Tech, began Create McNair during the fall semester of 2012. “After living in McNair for a few years I had seen the same art over and over again as I walked by. I wanted new works of art and thought why not from people living in McNair?” said Rebb. Using Facebook as a tool, Rebb set up a page where students could upload their images. Everyone was then invited to vote on their favorites. Rebb adds, “We did photography, digital art, drawings, paintings and other media categories. Once the deadline for submitting art came, voting started. Votes were based News: Technology changes transportation demographics 2 News: on the number of likes an image received. After voting ended we printed the images and hung them up.” Create McNair was the first kind of its kind for Rebb to have done. “It had some challenges but I just started writing down what I wanted to see and the best way to get it done,” she said, nodding to Katy Bird, her supervisor, for support and advice. Other staff members also helped by encouraging residents to participate in the program. Expanding to include other types of art, Rebb and Travis Pierce, Director of Housing and Residential Life, along with Jeremiah Baumann, Coordinator of Marketing and Multimedia for Housing and Residential Life, and Dan Bennett, Director and Chief of Public Safety and Police Services, organized a photography workshop. On Saturday, Oct. 5, over 30 people signed up for the workshop. There was, however, only room for 16 participants. That day, the group visited various locations in the Copper Country, including Hungarian Falls, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse and the Copper Harbor outlook atop Brockway Mountain to take Continued on page 3 Safety rail for McNair Hill Read the full story on page 3. 4 Budgeting part III: budget process Pulse: Waterfalls of the Keweenaw Photo by Max Curtis 7 Opinion: 10 Women’s Halloween costume options dissappoint Sports: Paintball madness 12


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