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October 15, 2013 Exotic animals visit Walker lawn SASHA BURNETT Lode Writer Last week on Friday, Oct. 11, a monkey named Mindy paraded herself on Walker Lawn, kissing students and posing for photos. A tarantula named Cuddles showed off his creepy-crawlies. A ‘famous’ porcupine named Porky gushed about what it was like to be in a commercial. These animals, among others, were part of the exotic animal show on Walker Lawn, brought to campus by the MUB Board. Animal Rentals, a company from Chicago, travels around the US to different events and colleges to put on animal petting zoos and shows. Michigan Tech students were able to interact with ten of Animal Rentals’ exotic friends. “The MUB Board planned on having the exotic animals last year for Spring Fling, but Continued on page 3 Left: A brave student kisses Purse, the American alligator. Right: Pi-Wacker the Scarlett Macaw sat still to be pet by students. News: 2 Student Org Spotlight: Aerospace Enterprise News: New location for Roy’s Bakery 5 Pulse: TED Talk Tuesdays 7 Opinion: Photos by Pratik Joshi 10 Jumbotron replaces Pep Band’s role in hockey Sports: 15 In the mind of Mel Pearson


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