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f d d d f One last effort to fling into spring Left: Students check out the displays at last years Spring Fling. Right: People watch as students do tricks on their dirt bikes at last year’s Spring Fling. Photos by Alex Mager JANE KIRBY Lode Writer Mother Nature seems pretty set on keeping springtime out of the picture for as long as possible here in Houghton. Despite the cold and snow, Tech will News: 3 Fall brings more than color changes to Tech not be stopping the annual festivities of Spring Fling on Friday, April 19th. The theme for this year’s Spring Fling is pirates. Each year, MUB Board puts on Spring Fling across campus for students. An event that takes on the role of “K-Day in the spring,” as David Shull, president News: The Bent to be a highlight of campus 4 Pulse: of the MUB Board says, Spring Fling is a time for students to celebrate the closing of a school year full of hard work and good memories. In addition, it gives student organizations across campus the opportunity to showcase what they have accomplished during the year, as well as the opportunity to recruit student 7 Bill Cosby sets sights on Houghton Opinion: interest for the upcoming fall semester. Shull says about 75 organizations were involved in Spring Fling 2012, and he expects about the same amount to participate this year. Above the Bridge Records, a studentrun organization that specializes in 10 The MUB Lounge: a step into the future Continued on page 2 Sports: 14 The Michigan Tech Fishing Club


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