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April 15, 2014 Recovery mode: regaining campus after the long winter SIMENG LI Lode Writer Three weeks after the vernal equinox claimed the official coming of the spring, the snow is finally melting in Houghton. Michigan Tech, after being covered by the thick layer of snow for several months, is currently under a comprehensive recovery from the winter. “Everyone knows that we were blessed with abundant snowfall and cold weather. Mother Nature has had an impact on our budgets for snow removal and fuel,” said Tim Griffin, Director of Custodial and Maintenance Services. “In light of this past winter, Facilities Management is reviewing the adequacy of our snow removal equipment and whether or not we need to mitigate the risk of the impact of additional fuel volumes and prices when polar vortexes descend upon us.” The buildings have been suffering from the sand and salts used to help keep the walkways safe to walk on. These sand and salts often get dragged into the building entrances, most often stuck to student and staffs’ shoes and boots. Therefore, a major effort is focused on counteracting these effects of old man winter. Walk-off mats at entrances and associated drains are cleaned to remove sand that has been tracked in over the winter. Meanwhile, throughout campus, storm catch basins are being inspected for proper operations for all the spring runoff water. As the snow continues melting, bicycling is getting back its role as one of the most popular transportation choices. News: 3 Design Expo to exhibit talents News: As campus recovers from the long winter, sunshine and warm temps encourage feelings of spring and rapid snow melt. Photo by Maxwell Curtis Bike repair stations are put back in place at designated spots on campus which will facilitate students and staffs to make any repairs to their bicycles. Changes are also occurring in energy 4 Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame inducts WolfMoose study Pulse: management. According to Griffin, some of the chillers and cooling towers that serve specific labs, computers and other areas of buildings are being taken out of winter layup and being prepared for spring 6 Keweenawesomefest: the first night Opinion: and summer operations. Control strategies of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems are being tweaked to accommodate the switchover from deep freeze to the summer breezes. 10 Information Technology goes under-appreciated Continued on page 2 Sports: 13 Track and Field teams break five school records


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