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f d d d f Help save the Hungarian Falls KATELYN WAARA News Editor The Keweenaw Land Trust hopes to raise enough money to purchase the upper falls and keep them open to visitors. Photo courtesy of Nathan Miller News: 2 School of Business and Economics helps with taxes News: The world at a glance 5 Pulse: 7 Retro gaming week: “The Legend of Zelda” Opinion: With warmer months ahead, we start to think about the special places we’ve visited in the UP and the memories we’ve made there. For some, it’s the shores and many beaches of Lake Superior. For others, it’s the hiking, biking and nature trails that students and locals enjoy. One location that may come to mind is the cascading levels of the Hungarian Falls, part of which was recently listed by real estate for potential private ownership. The Upper Hungarian Falls, located on the same 10-acre land as an impoundment pond formerly used by the Torch Lake Township Fire Authority, and a small dam from the mining era, was listed in December of 2012. The property listing was shortly removed thereafter because of an uproar from the community. In particular, concerned community member Clay Hixson created a Facebook page titled “Save the Hungarian Falls” to gain support of keeping the falls open for public access. Members of the Keweenaw Land Trust (KLT) pushed numerous phone calls and emails into the KLT 10 Supreme Court takes on gay marriage Continued on page 3 Sports: 13 Huskies hit pro ice


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