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f d d d f Alpine Ski Team starting new ERIKA VICHCALES Lode Writer Houghton is known to be one of the coldest areas in the state, so a love for winter activities typically comes along with living here. A group of Michigan Tech students exemplified this by reinstating the Michigan Tech Alpine Ski Team. A group of motivated first years decided they wanted to take their passion for downhill ski racing and bring it to Michigan Tech. The university had a team during the 1990’s, but due to lack of leadership within the racers it did not continue. To get it going this year the team used social media, such as the Facebook Incoming Freshman page, to find individuals who wanted to race. Alpine ski racing has been around since 1861 and consists of four different The Michigan Tech Alpine Ski Team. Photo Courtesy of the Alpine Team Continued on page 5 TKE and Greek community upset by Daily Bull article KATELYN WAARA News Editor The Tuesday, Feb. 19 edition of the Daily Bull has News: 2 New video scoreboard approved for Macinnes Ice Arena become a hot topic across Michigan Tech’s campus, particularly within the Greek community. The article under fire, entitled, “TKE Named News: Transportation Enterprise proposes improved bus system 4 as MTU’s Official Joke,” included references to marijuana and sexual assault. Many students accessed the article online since the snowstorm stopped the Pulse: 7 TEDx event comes to Houghton publication from being distributed in print on campus. John Hagopian, TKE President and fifth year Geological Engineering Opinion: 10 Women are not yet equal student, said the brothers of TKE were “extremely upset” by the content of the article. More offense, however, was taken from the second drug Continued on page 4 Sports: 14 Pirate Sheep claims broomball championship


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