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AN INT ER ESTIN G FACT ABOUT… the COU RT YARD The Law School’s construction project entailed more than adding new buildings to the landscape; it also gave a few of the Quad’s less-attractive existing features a makover. For starters, the Robert B. Aikens Commons was built upon a previously unused and unremarkable courtyard that contained little more then a dying elm tree and the occasional stash of landscaping equipment. Looking up from the courtyard-turned-commons, you will notice a new bridge whose design echoes the neo-Gothic aesthetic of the Quad, replacing the “trailer in the sky” that had connected Legal Research to Hutchins Hall since the 1950s. Similarly, the bleak metal siding that once covered Legal Research has been replaced with more congruous cladding, which shares architectural details with the building that surrounds it.

Michigan Law New Commons Facts

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