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COLONEL KILLED IN KABUL EXPLOSION, PG6 ACCESS LEGAL RESEARCH INC. • CRIMINAL PARDONS/U.S WAIVER • NO FAULT DIVORCE • SMALL CLAIMS COURT UP TO $25,000 • SEPARATION AGREEMENTS • LAND TRANSFERS OPEN SATURDAY BY APPOINTMENT CALGARY • WEDNESDAY, MAY 19, 2010 CALL 228-2469 Exhibit Cancer Connections SHELBY BORYS/FOR METRO CALGARY FIND M RE ONLINE WHAT’S THIS BARCODE FOR? Find out on the Local page. KRISTA SYLVESTER ReelMetro Robin Kuniski Calgary videographer’s lighter side of city life at Sports pg 17 The Cancer Connections photo display outside Eau Claire Market attracts the attention of a couple with its 500-plus photos from PhotoSensitive. Each photo tells a different story about cancer. The display will be in Calgary until May 24. Canadiens stonewalled Travel pg 20 Take a tour of Cannes On the web Visit for news updates ShareYourViews Clues sought in man’s shooting Too much information? Lawyer advises caution as beaten man’s kin share details online Police have said very little about Calgary man Dustin LaFortune, who was emaciated, burned and beaten when he was dumped at a Regina hospital after being missing for a couple of months. But the man’s family is sharing all kinds of details on the Internet, even naming a person they consider a suspect and fielding questions from the public. That kind of online release of information, through Facebook or other social networking sites, could lead to legal trouble, one media lawyer warned yesterday. “There’s this ability to be “People need to be aware that if they’re publishing something that might interfere with a criminal trial, that’s a problem.” Daniel Burnett, lawyer a publisher and to get information out there, but there are also some legal pitfalls that people who are doing that need to be aware of,” said Daniel Burnett, a Vancouver media lawyer. “People need to be aware that if they’re publishing something that might interfere with a criminal trial, that’s a problem.” LaFortune’s relatives have started a Facebook page with photos of him lying in a hospital bed with burns, bruises and cuts on his body. He “was held hostage, tortured, starved, repeatedly assaulted and mutilated” while being drugged, his mother Renee LaFortune writes on a Facebook page. They have named and put up a photograph of the man they believe attacked LaFortune — a former roommate — and have talked online and in media interviews about what they believe happened. Supporters have added to the discussion by putting up photos of a home rented by the man the family believes was the attacker. One supporter posted information about the alleged suspect’s family tree. LaFortune’s brother, Ryan, has started answering questions from supporters in an online forum. For Burnett, the case is another example of how the Internet can circumvent official channels such as police agencies or media outlets to distribute information. THE CANADIAN PRESS Looking for a career in Health Care ? Free Daily News Group Inc., operating as Metro Calgary. 120, 3030 - 3 Avenue NE, Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T7. Publisher: Steve Shrout CRIME Police responded to reports a man was shot in a quiet southeast neighbourhood early yesterday morning, but investigators continue to search for the initial crime scene. Calgary police spokesperson Kevin Brookwell said the 29-year-old man suffered a single gunshot wound and was wandering towards a Co-Op gas bar in Copperfield at 15566 McIvor Blvd. SE when he called police at 5 a.m. “He wasn’t really co-operative and just pointed towards the south when police asked where he was shot. We have investigators completing a comprehensive grid search,” Brookwell said, adding officials seized surveillance tapes at the scene, hoping for clues on the man’s appearance in the neighbourhood. The victim is recovering in hospital in stable condition. Neighbours in the quiet community were stunned by the sight of police tape and many wondered what occurred the night before, including James Balfour. “I moved out here because it was quiet and safe, but I guess stuff like this can happen anywhere,” he said. Police don’t believe the man is from the Calgary area and are asking anyone with information to call 403-266-1234 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-222-8477.

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