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‘REMEMBER WHERE YOU CAME FROM’ THE SUPERSTAR FATHER-SON TEAM IMAGINES OUR FUTURE. PAGES 09-13 Airport workers fight for living wages Employees ask City Council to share the wealth. PAGE 02 Witherspoon channels her inner Mel Gibson PHILADELPHIA Monday, April 22, 2013 The actress got mouthy during a DUI arrest. PAGE 14 Welcome to the cinema, turn on your phones New technology promises to get you in on the action. PAGES 20-21 Are you on edge since last week’s bombing? We offer tips for coping with terror-related stress. PAGE 22 WILL AND JADEN SMITH GUEST STAR IN OUR EXCLUSIVE EARTH DAY EDITION t: MetroPhilly | f: MetroPhilly HELPING INJURED PEOPLE THE PEOPLE’S LAWYER Car/Bus/Train Accidents, Slip and Falls, Birth Injuries, Medical Mistakes LOCATED AT 2 Liberty Place 215-665-8989


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