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MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012 07 still growing, the naysayers Education Plus Academy NOW PROVIDED BY MASTERY SCHOOLS Masters of the school turnaround Mastery Charter Schools are unusual in the charter-school landscape in Philadelphia — they turn around struggling neighborhood schools, rather than create new magnet schools. “Of the 11 schools we operate, nine are turnarounds,� said Leslie Hall, assistant director of development and communication. “We take the same buildings — and students — of schools that have been failing.� The turnaround starts with the school itself: Mastery invests $800,000 to $1.2 million in renovations in each school it takes on. The students come from the surrounding neighborhood. They must fill out a simple SPECIALIZING IN DYSLEXIA AND CHILDREN WITH LEARNING DIFFERENCES Accepting Applications Kindergarden through 6th Grade ENROLL TODAY Students at Clymer Elementary are pretty happy these days. Their school became a Mastery Charter in 2011. 4 Philadelphia LOCATIONS application form, but they’re admitted without judgment of their qualifications. To provide the help that many of the students need, Mastery schools have both a longer school day (till 4:00 most days) and a longer school year (their first day was last Wednesday). Saturday sessions are available for students who need extra help: Since some are functioning at three to five grades behind level, this can be many of them. In addition to academics, the schools offer extra-curricular activities, from music to art to football. s7ASHINGTON,ANE 79.#/4% 0!3ERVING%AST/AK,ANE s7EST$AUPHIN3TREET 0HILA 0!%ASTERN.ORTH0HILADELPHIA s&RANKFORD!VENUE 0HILA 0!.ORTHEAST0HILADELPHIA sth3TREET 0HILA 0!7EST0HILADELPHIA .ICHOLAS4ORRES #%/ .ICKDTORRES EDPLUSCHARTERORG   


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