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RETRACTABLE Rope 13 Determine the correct rope length by placing 14 Reset the rope fully into the rope retaining hook, REPLACEMENT FOR STOTT PILATES® REFORMERS then set the rope between the cleats. soft reformer loops on carriage so fixed D-rings on straps line up with end of metal plate of shoulder rests. To shorten the length slightly pinch the rope between the carriage and self-locking cleat and pull rope through the cleat. Grasp rope at the retaining hook and tug to engage the cleats. Removing Carriage REQUIRED TOOLS: (SPX AND RACK & ROLL MODELS ONLY) Stopper Plate 1 REFORMERS WITH VERTICAL FRAME: Remove all springs from vertical frame, including roll-down bar and safety chain. Loosen all four hex bolts at the base of receptacles. Secure push-thru bar in place by hand while removing vertical frame. 2 Remove pulleybars and place them on floor, on either side of aluminum rails. If applicable, pull out shoulder rests and remove stopper plates (flat-head screwdriver required). Detach springs from gearbar and slide carriage out of rails, keeping carriage level. Place carriage face down on floor. Mechanical Safety Check Proper maintenance and timely replacement of your equipment or component parts is your responsibility. Conduct a regular weekly inspection of the following: ◗ Check wear on single and double ended spring clips and replace as needed. FAILURE TO PERFORM RECOMMENDED SAFETY CHECKS OR USING THE MACHINE WITH IMPROPERLY ADJUSTED, BROKEN OR WORN PARTS COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY. ◗ Check wear on ropes, replace as needed. Ensure shoulder rests are inserted completely. Inspect the retractable rope rystem to confirm the ropes are in position and the rhreaded bolts of the cleats and pulley blocks are secure. ◗ ◗ P00178 2082R-1 MAY 11 ™/® Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license. Printed in Canada. All rights reserved. 1/2" (13MM) X 9/16" (14MM) OR PLIERS Please review this important information regarding your STOTT PILATES replacement ropes and keep it handy for future reference. ®

Rope Replacement

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