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FREE! TAKE ONE HOME Issue: 8 Friday 10th October 2008 GRATIS 250 LOCATIONS 5,000 COPIES 20,000 READERS ONE NEWSPAPER EVERY FRIDAY CLIMATE CHANGE: A THREAT TO MENORCA? Under threat from Global Warming: Menorca’s Flora and Fauna A report issued this week by the European Environmental Agency suggests that Menorca’s tourist industry and flora and fauna, amongst other things, are threatened by Global warming. See pages 2 & 8. ACCIONA’S AUDACIA With the aim of continuing to modernise their fleet, last Friday saw the arrival in Palma from Italy of the new Acciona Transmediterranea vessel the ”Audacia” The ship is part of a new generation of ferries classified as “cruise ferries”. Facilities and services on board can compare with some present day cruise ships, claim the company. No newcomer to Spanish waters, the “Audacia” has worked since September 2007 on the 1,000€ DONATED TO THE CLUB VIDALBA CHARITY route between Genova and Barcelona. She has also two sister ships named “Coraggio” and “Tenacia” Acciona hope to show that they are committed to maintaing a safe and modern form of transport for the future between the Islands and the mainland. “Audacia” is some 200 metres long with comfortable accomodation for 472 passengers and will be officially unveiled on 13 December this year. Phil Duffy and Mike Coughlan present Gabriel Carreras Albiol (centre) with the cheque! Regulars at two of Es Castell’s best known bars, 3Bs and Brogan’s, raised 1,000€ for the island charity Club Vidalba. The charity was chosen at the start of the year and a number of fund-raising events have taken place over the past few months. The cash will go towards the development of a iT centre at the charity’s headquarters in Mahón. See page 7 for details of how you can help Club Vidalba.

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