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Men and women basketball teams fall in AMCC tourney - Pg. 19 PERSPECTIVE Inside this issue... Medaille NEWS: NCAA March Madness is upon us and Medaille has teamed up with the Hotel Lafayette to throw a kickoff event. Jeanine Purcell has all the details you need to know. February 25, 2013 Volume 11, Issue 6 What’s your reason to relay? Story on page 7 A student who wishes to remain anonymous can’t stand the underage patron bans on the “chip strip”. However, freshman Travis Chavanne doesn’t really mind them. How do you feel about the bans? Story on page 8 OPINIONS: Should people be allowed to say “we” when talking about their favorite sport? “We” find out as two sports fanatics duke it out in this editions debate. Story on page 4 LIFESTYLES: Everyone’s been in those awkward situations that you just can’t seem to avoid. Read about some of the most common awkward situations and send us your most awkward story for a chance to win $25! Story on page 12 Relay Some students have followed in their parents footsteps by coming to Medaille. Parents and their children like Lou and Kelly Pozantides are keeping it all in the family. L r o F ife on Story on page 13 SPORTS: Cory Bukowski has been playing baseball all his life. When tragedy struck, the sport he loves helped get him through it all. Story on page 20 By Casey Dunlap Opinions Editor M s u p c am u u u Casey Dunlap photos Relay for Life event takes place on April 12th, 2013. Cancer survivors will be at the edaille College for the first time Relay sharing their stories. ever will host a Relay for Life event. “It’s the start of a new tradition,” If you would like to join the Relay, get a team together and sign according to Ashley Byrd, Residence Director up with Mary Johnson. and Relay for Life Coordinator. Byrd encouraged students and faculty alike to register for Relay for Life at the kick-off event The kick-off event took place in the Sulon February 12. An event to livan Center and students could sign-up to participate in the April 12, 2013 Relay for Life “spread the word and get event. The relay will be from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Stueveryone excited dents could sign a banner or have their photo taken with a sign stating ‘My Reason to Relay’. Lunchtime visitors to the about Relay for Sullivan Center were treated to a video about the experience of Life.” Relay for Life. In the video, a cancer survivor described to listeners “The kick-off event was to educate students and faculty about Relay for Life and to hopefully get more students involved and excited about the Relay” Ashley Byrd how significant the Relay is to those fighting cancer. “The kick-off event was to educate students and faculty about Relay for Life and to hopefully get more students involved and excited about the Relay” says Byrd. Byrd says that students were really excited about Medaille having their own event this year. Previously students from Medaille would participate next door at Canisius College’s event. Byrd describes Relay for Life as teams that are formed consisting of students and faculty, sports teams and coaches, friends and co-workers. These teams create campsites alongside the track on the day of the Relay. There must be at least one team member walking the track all night long. Relay events are to celebrate survivors and to fight cancer. It is a fun filled night for friends and families with music that creates a carnival atmosphere. Throughout the night teams can listen to survivors and celebrate and remember those that have battled cancer with a LumiSee Relay on Page 8

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