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Training and development Banking Sector in Bangladesh Chapter one Introduction 1.0 Introduction Due to globalization every thing is now in high competition. In the field of business and economics it is in the most severe form and getting more and more complex with the passes of time. To survive and be successful in this global economy a business organization must be competitive and equipped with good strategies. There are many source of competitive advantage but not all the sources are sustainable and good in quality. Human resources of an organization is one of the best source of sustainable competitive advantage because superior human resource, unlike other physical resources, not so to reproduce. To achieve sustainable competitiveness through it, organization must have ability to attract retain competitive human resources available in the market. Training and development is the major factor that has a critical impact in hiring and retaining superior human resources. As a result training and development should be designed in a way that it can satisfy both the competent manpower, by establishing internal and external equity, in this paper training and development program are made for bank sector by utilizing commonly used methods and procedures. 1.1 Background of the Study The organization can attain the goal by the performance of the employee. The investor should have the right knowledge to operate the employee. If the employee is motivated, well trained and effective then the organization can reach the mission and vision within the period of time which one the investor is looking for. If the management can lead the employee as a effective way then the organization can run on the exact way to accomplish the goal. The appropriate training method can make the employee effectively and efficiency. Because on the training period the employee will learn

Training and development banking sector in bangladesh

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