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’03 owner’s manual cover 5/27/03 12:43 PM Page 1 Mathews Genesis™... the first compound bow that covers all draw lengths (15" to 30") Until now, one of the challenges of introducing beginners to archery was that bows were too user specific. Genesis TechnologyTM changes that! Everyone can shoot the same bow • Kids can’t outgrow it – because there is no specific draw length • It’s simple to buy – no need to measure or fit for draw length • It’s easy to shoot – beginners won’t develop bad habits because the draw length is always right “Zero let-off” means no specific draw length Because the Genesis SystemTM eliminates let-off on light draw weight bows (where it’s unnecessary), there are no specific draw length requirements. The result is a bow that fits virtually everyone (15" to 30") and that a young person can’t outgrow. Colors: Red Cherry, Key Lime, Lemon Yellow, Blue Raspberry, Wild Berry and Realtree X-tra camo Performs like a bow with higher poundage A GenesisTM bow, set at 20 lbs. (it’s adjustable from 10 to 20 lbs.), stores and releases energy comparable to that of a 35 lb. recurve! Plus, with zero let-off, it has the “holding weight” necessary to “pull the string from your fingers,” making it easy to shoot. ™ ® Ensure the future of archery Join the Genesis Project! Catch us if you can! 919 River Road, P.O. Box 367, Sparta, Wisconsin 54656 (608) 269-2728 • Fax (608) 269-3120 2003 Owner’s Manual

2003 Mathews Owners Manual

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