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PINE LOG The Page 7 Jacks drop fourth straight ousted in extras by Arkansas Little Rock The Independent Voice of Stephen F. Austin State University Thursday, May 2, 2013 Jenifer Rogers/Pine Log Photo Students watch as an evangelist from The Church of Wells preach on the yard. Controversial evangelist group sparks conversation By John Cleveland Staff Writer The midday walk from the student center to the library is the closest thing to a Times Square experience anyone will find in Nacogdoches. It is here that SFA’s rich diversity is on full display. Students hustle and bustle around the fold-out tables of various campus organizations, giving some groups attention and ignoring others, as is their right. There is one voice, however, that has been impossible to ignore in recent weeks. Evangelicals have been spreading their message in a fashion radically different from what the campus is used to. They are members of The Church of Wells, and they want to spark a revival. The delivery of their message is similar to the old riverside preachers of The Great Awakening. But instead of robes and sandals they wear T-shirts and tennis shoes. They have backpacks on their shoulders and Bibles in their hands. Their diction is archaic, and their tone is loud. Students prepare for finals next week By Sara Zavorka Staff Writer It is about that dreaded time once again — that week that is fast approaching, when hair gets torn out, eyes become bloodshot, tempers become infinitesimally short and books become ritualistically utilized for the first time the entire semester, as is the case for some anyway. Dead Week is currently upon us now, which can only mean one thing. Next week, May 6-10, is finals week. Whether one considers themselves to be an astute student or a slacker who puts the “pro” in “procrastination,” very few actually look forward intently to finals week. Five days of studying hectically, taking two-hour long tests that determine an immense part of Evangelists stand on benches by Surfin’ Steve preaching to passerbys. They come to the campus with a four-man crew. Jake Gardner, Cory McLaughlin, Sean Morris and Kevin Fessler each take turns addressing the masses while the others have oneon-one chats with anyone interested. “It is to the major tenants of Christianity that we subscribe,” Gardner said. “Jesus calls on us to baptize all nations in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. That is the Great Commission.” Reactions to their gospel are mixed. Some students try to drown them out with shouts of “shut up,” some casually walk by, some sit and watch and others engage them in conversation. Clay Brown, a sophomore majoring in secondary education, does not agree with their tactics. “Honestly, their whole religion is a little screwy,” Brown said. “They act like their religion is the only one that counts. SFA is all about unification, and this goes against all of that.” Chris Brown, a senior majoring in economics, was sitting close by as Gardener spoke. “I respect the passion, but they focus too much on sin and repenting,” Brown said. “It’s kind of a scare tactic.” Blair James, a freshman majoring in deaf education, said they were going about it the Evangelist, page 2 Seniors receive commission into United States Army By Katelynn Wiggins Staff Writer Over a dozen SFA seniors will receive their commission into the United States Army as second lieutenants next week. Some will enter the U.S. Army as active duty soldiers, while others will join the Army Reserves or the National Guard. Lt. Col. David Miller explained that ROTC commissions by “mission set” and there are 16 cadets in this year’s set. One cadet received his commission in December; thirteen will receive theirs on Friday, May 10 and two more this summer. “The most sentimental thing to me about the commissioning ceremony is that at the end of it all when I face the audience, I will know that not only am I the first female in my family to join the Army but I will be the first person in my family to be an officer,” Victoria Abu said. The ceremony will be held in the Twilight Ballroom in the student center on Friday, May 10 at 5:00 p.m. Since its inception in 1968, SFA’s ROTC program has provided 562 college-trained offiROTC, page 6 Finals, page 2 Katelynn Wiggins/Pine Log Photo Commissioning seniors pose by SFA’s cannon, Ol’ Cotton. The Pine Log revamps image to better serve campus and community in the coming years By Hannah Cole Editor As the school year comes to a close, students and organizations are already preparing for the fall. With The Pine Log wrapping up the year with the final issue, the new staff is already gearing up for next year and looking forward to exciting changes. Currently the paper is a biweekly publication, which comes out Mondays and Thursdays. Starting next semester, The Pine Log will move to one paper a week, on Wednesdays. The Pine Log also plans to direct more traffic to its website by posting new content on the site twice a week. “We are going to converge the staff as well as the publication,” Pat Spence, student publications director, said. “We are going to try to get everybody trained so they can put together a video story as well as a print story, and those products will be available to students through the website.” Volume 94 Issue 22 Next Publication: August, 2013 Jenifer Rogers/Pine Log Photo Moving the paper to a weekly publication will bring more opportunities for current staff and students involved in areas other than print media. Newspapers everywhere are converging to online and video stories. “We are doing this for several reasons,” Spence said. “Number one, we are doing this so that our students are prepared for the changing newspaper industry, and secondly because advertising revenues have dropped. We can no longer support a biweekly paper. It will allow us to be more financially responsible.” Revenue for print publications everywhere has dropped. SFA is not the first to redesign its paper. In an interview with MIT Communications Forum, Dan Kennedy said newspapers started the move to web publications 15 years ago. The Pine Log does not receive money from the University such as student service fees or tuition. All revenue comes from selling advertisements for the paper. The paper’s online presence will also allow for the The Pine Log, page 6 Visit us online at TODAY H 68 L 42 FRIDAY H 65 L 39 CMYK AdHOC displays winning awards SFA’s AdHOC advertising team showcased their awardwinning campaign presentation Wednesday at the Cole Arts Center in downtown Nacogdoches. The presentation won the special judge’s award for “Best Promotion” at this year’s American Advertising Federation’s National Student Adverting Competition for Region Ten in Tulsa, OK. Atalie Walding, Candace Hartsell, Ali Gobernatz, Kim Jenkins, Blake Williams and Berto Ramirez will be presenting the campaign and all 23 SFA students who participated in the creation will be in attendance. The presentation was for the National Student Advertising Competition’s client, Glidden Paint, and is the culmination of two semesters of hard work from art, marketing and mass communication students. The students worked tirelessly combining research, strategy, application, traditional and new media, public AdHOC, page 6 SATURDAY H 72 L 45

The Pine Log 05/01/13

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