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VOL. 2 ISSUE 2 speros ESTABLISHED 2011 SPRING 2012 All photos below courtesy of laura lopez/melissa teng Martel rings in ten years as the Best College Ever! Date: March 30, 2012 Location: Martel Commons Host: Martel Alumni Committee This year marks a special time in Martel College’s history. In commemoration of the first decade of the best college ever, the Alumni Committee hosted a celebration for the Martel community including current students, past and present RAs and Masters, alumni, and other distinguished university officials. Those in attendance were greeted with a Martellini and have the chance to The menu included small bites of seafood, craving stations, an array of desserts, and featured an ice sculpture of the college crest with decadent cheeses and fruits. Guests enjoyed smooth jazz as performed by the Rice University Jazz Combo and reminisced on the memories of yesteryear as retold by the Fews, Alice Hill and Anna Friedberg. We are eternally grateful to the tenth anniversary planning committee (Stephen Wallace, Stephanie Cloots, Antonia Sebastian, Tommy Nguyen, Maggie Andersen, Joey Huchette, Charlotte Brown, and Ravi Sheth, Maria Byene, Ted LochTemzelides, and Beata Loch) for all their hard work to make the event so successful. The best of Martel is yet to come. We look forward to the next decade. We’ll see you all at the next big shindig! —Katherine Dunn (‘14) and Ginny Johnson (‘13) Alumni Committee Co-Chairs, 2011-2012 Speros Editors-in-chief: Charlotte brown and Meredith McGrath contributing photographers: rhae adams, julia hossu, laura lopez, crystal olalde, and melissa teng.

Speros, Volume 2, Issue 2

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