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EDITORIAL: Sexual violence awareness training flawed but promising– Viewpoints, page 6 The Marquette Tribune SPJ’s 2010 Best All-Around Non-Daily Student Newspaper Women bring the heat against South Florida Father Pilarz speaks on his past and future PAGE 12 PAGE 8 Since 1916 Volume 96, Number 9 Tuesday, September 27, 2011 ‘Marquette, baby, we are clearly born to run’ Pilarz officially becomes university’s 23rd president By Katie Doherty After a week of build-up, campus practically buzzed with excitement Friday as the Rev. Scott Pilarz was formally inaugurated as the 23rd president of Marquette University. In a ceremony at the packed Al McGuire Center, Pilarz outlined his vision for Marquette’s future, using humor to engage the audience and passion to drive home his message, and received congratulations as he embarked on his new journey. “It’s a funny feeling to be a freshman at 52,” Pilarz joked. He arrived on campus in August and lives in the Campus Town apartments among upperclassmen students. He said it was likely no coincidence that the date of the inauguration, Sept. 23, was the birthday of his home state New Jersey’s (unofficial) poet laureate, Bruce Springsteen. “Marquette, baby, we are clearly born to run,” Pilarz said. The new president’s wit wasn’t the only thing supporting his speech, though. As a former English professor, he chose to “hazard” a metaphor that summed up his intention for the future of Marquette. “Jacques Marquette was obsessed with discovering the Mississippi River. … (to) enhance human experience and open opportunities for the spread of God’s good news,” Pilarz said. “So what is our Mississippi River? What keeps us up at night at Marquette?” Focusing on these questions, Pilarz asked how many students leave Marquette having experienced an “engagement of reality” that transforms them to their very core – an experience that should be the goal of a Jesuit education, he said. Pilarz encouraged the audience to reflect on the Jesuit mission. He said the work of Marquette is grounded in “learned ministry,” and the university must work for justice. “God’s grace is surely at work here, giving us the energy and enthusiasm to go and ‘set the See Inauguration, page 5 Photo by Aaron Ledesma/ Pilarz calls on the words of Bruce Springsteen and Jacques Marquette on Friday during his speech. MU gets first ‘Homecoming’ Photo by Elise Krivit/ Jim Love is the mastermind behind planning ‘Unofficial Homecoming.’ Student spurs idea of bringing a new tradition to campus By Elise Angelopulos This week, many Marquette students will wear blue and gold game day colors as if they are welcoming the highly anticipated basketball season. But the season does not begin for another few months — so why exactly is the student body celebrating? Marquette’s first annual Unofficial Homecoming kicked off Monday. The weeklong celebratory event was planned and organized by Jim Love, a junior in the College of Communication. Love said the idea of homecoming on Marquette’s campus INDEX DPS REPORTS.....................2 CALENDAR.......................2 VIEWPOINTS........................6 CLOSER LOOK....................8 STUDY BREAK....................10 SPORTS..........................12 CLASSIFIEDS..................14 began in July. “I visited some friends at Southern Illinois (University) and heard all the stories about their good times,” he said. “I felt deprived — like we needed to have something on this campus.” Marquette’s Unofficial Homecoming’s Facebook page has generated more than 1,200 RSVPs. According to the page, students may purchase $10 wristbands that enable participation in all the week’s planned events, as well as food and beverage. The wristbands were sold this past week at on-campus locations like The Brew Bayou, and will be for sale through Wednesday. Planned events for the week include a campus bar crawl Thursday, a semi-formal dance at 15th Street and State Street Friday where a Marquette “King” and “Queen” will be announced and a family cookout Saturday followed by the men’s soccer game at Valley Fields, according to the Facebook page. Love says 35 wristbands have been sold and he hopes 150 to 200 students total will attend See Homecoming, page 5 Troy Davis controversy stirs doubt and debate assaulted in a nearby parking lot, allegedly by Davis. According to witnesses, Davis shot and killed the officer in retaliation. Davis, 42, was given a lethal injection at 11:08 p.m. on Sept. 21, according to a Georgia Department of Corrections offiBy Andrea Anderson cial, after a last minute appeal was heard by the U.S. Supreme All eyes were on Georgia last Court, which ultimately deweek as Troy Davis was put to clined to grant clemency. death for the 1989 murder of an The decision to follow off-duty policeman in Savan- through with the ruling was a nah, Ga. Activists around the battle for 22 years. nation and the world rallied for The most recent appeal conDavis and protested sisted of seven reagainst what they canted testimonies viewed as murky “You can’t look at from trial witnesses circumstances of his the recantations and and the possible conviction and the say they are accuconfession of anuse of capital pun- rate.” other suspect. Seven ishment. of the nine witnessDavis’ execution John McAdams es said police presProfessor of political science sured them in 1989, was stayed four times while on death according to interrow, according to views with the Ascourt documents. Each appeal sociated Press. resulted in failure to prove his John McAdams, an associate innocence in the murder of professor of political science at Mark MacPhail. Marquette and a published auMacPhail was working as a thor on the death penalty, said security guard at a Burger King the defense’s assertion that when he defended a man being Execution has many wondering if right decision was made See Davis, page 5 NEWS VIEWPOINTS SPORTS Speed of light Gamble Greska Research finds particles breaking rules of physics. See, PAGE 3 Take some time to relax your body and your mind. See PAGE 3 Madness is around the corner. Let’s make this one extra special. See PAGE 6

Sept. 27th 2011 : The Marquette Tribune

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