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INTRODUCING THE NEW HOSMAX FLEET. BIGGER AND GREENER. THE NEW HOSMAX 300 AND 310 OSVs. ARRIVING IN 2ND QUARTER 2013. Hornbeck Offshore has been a leader in new-generation offshore supply vessels and is now excited to introduce its next-generation of OSVs. The HOSMAX 300 and HOSMAX 310 vessels have maximized varying capacities that can exceed 22,000 barrels of liquid mud, 2,000 barrels of methanol, 11,000 ft2 of clear deck, and 6,000 long tons of deadweight. The vessels will also offer an ideal platform to support subsea construction and inspection, maintenance and repair activities. Berthing for 50 people, a theater room, a lounge and a dedicated hospital are among the vessel attributes that will contribute to passenger comfort and care. The HOSMAX fleet will create additional career opportunities for our current and future employees. Hornbeck Offshore is currently hiring all fleet and shore support positions in preparation for the vessel deliveries. HOSMAX 300 DP-2 OSV HOSMAX 310 DP-2 OSV HOSMAX 320 DP-2 OSV Learn more about the HOSMAX fleet of DP-2 300 class OSVs and employment opportunities by visiting us online at or calling us at (985) 727-2000. HORNBECK OFFSHORE Service with Energy 速 速

Nov 2012 Marine Log Magazine

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