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ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The value of ‘Big Data’ arine oG M L Reporting on Marine Business & Technology since 1878 march 2014 W&o introduceS by GF Piping Systems Your Source for the onlY uScG Approved MArine therMoplAStic pipinG SYSteM W&O is the proud North American distributor for the groundbreaking SeaCor™ piping systems from Georg Fischer – the first and only commercially available United States Coast Guard-Approved (USCG) marine thermoplastic piping system in the world. SeaCor is also the only thermoplastic piping system that meets the requirements of Transport of Canada. Light in weight and long-lasting, the corrosion-resistant SeaCor piping system is a unique, cost-saving solution to optimize vessel performance. 800.962.9696 • ONBOARD WITH LNG HOS ACHIEVER: New breed of OSV USCG: Getting mission ready No. 164.141/36/0 First LNG bunker barge for U.S. Pipe | Valves | Fittings | Actuation | Engineered Solutions

March 2014 Marine Log Magazine

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