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Salvors play important, unusual roles in post-Sandy response Maritime salvors, who are used to being the first responders to ship casualties, took on some unique roles as part of the post-Sandy response effort. Salvor Donjon Marine Co., Inc., Hillside, NJ, for example, provided much-needed pumping capacity. Donjon currently holds the U.S. Navy Salvage and Related Services contract for the North Atlantic zone. The Navy provided support to the stricken region following a request by the Army Corps of Engineers. By mobilizing its equipment, Donjon was able to provide “soup to nuts” support to the Navy response. It provided over 80,000 gallons per minute of pumping capability within 36 hours of the initial call. In addition, DonJon mobilized a team of 50 salvage personnel to place and operate the pumping and support equipment. The Donjon team worked alongside many other responders including the Corps of Engineers (CoE), Navy, Port Author- ity of NY & NJ, the NYC police and fire departments. John Witte, Jr., Donjon’s Executive Vice President, says: “In spite of difficult conditions at home, the Donjon team mobilized and worked tirelessly throughout the emergency period.” Meanwhile, Titan Salvage, a Crowley company, was contracted by the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to pre-position equipment, including pumps, generators and transformers at Lake Hurst, NJ. The equipment was to be used “as needed” by government agencies, according to Crowley Maritime’s Jay Brickman, Vice President, Government Services. “We got the call on Oct. 29 at 1:30 in the afternoon,” says Brickman. “That evening, we began moving equipment from as far away as Texas and Canada. Everything was trucked in. Over a two-day period, we handled 100 truckloads of equipment, including big pumps weighing up to 40,000 pounds apiece.” Coordination for the effort was handled out of Fort Lauderdale, FL, with much of the heavy lifting and loading in Pompano Beach and Jacksonville. Brickman says the Sandy effort allowed Crowley to leverage disciplines among its family of companies, utilizing everything from trucking, warehousing and logistics to salvage. “Titan Maritime knows a lot about pumps and generators. We took that experience from marine salvage operations and applied it to land. In addition,” says Brickman, “we worked with the government on the response to the earthquake in Haiti, so we knew how they liked to work.” In a more traditional salvor role, the Resolve Marine Group was contracted with continued on p. 9 Dealpertise TM [deel-per-teez] Definition: Expertise from CIT in developing flexible, creative and customer-focused financing solutions. CIT combines deep experience in the $30,000,000 $10,500,000 $16,500,000 marine industry with outstanding August 2012 August 2012 May 2012 execution and client service. In the last Senior Secured Term Financing was provided for Senior Secured Term Financing was provided for Senior Secured Term Financing was provided for twelve months, capital solutions from CIT enabled our marine clients to grow their business, build new vessels and manage working capital. M/T AMericAn Phoenix 48,900 DWT IMO II Chemical Tanker Diesel electric, Twin Screw Propulsion A Joint Venture Company of Visit Andrea Zana, Arranger Sole Lender M/V inTrePid hArVesTer 35,000 DWT Handysize Bulk Carrier Seahorse Design, Double Hull Green Passport M/V Lone sTAr 35,000 DWT Handysize Bulk Carrier Seahorse Design, Double Hull Green Passport Owned by affiliates of Intrepid Shipping, LLC Owned by affiliates of Intrepid Shipping, LLC Arranger Sole Lender Arranger Sole Lender Revolving CReDit FaCilities • seCuReD anD unseCuReD teRm loans equipment FinanCe loans • pRogRess payment FaCilities © 2012 CIT Group Inc. CIT and the CIT logo are registered ser vice marks of CIT Group Inc. DECEMBER 2012 MARINE LoG 7

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