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CUTLER Times OHIO UNIVERSITY MANASSEH CUTLER SCHOLARS PROGRAM SPRING 2014 74 0 . 5 9 3 . 4 2 6 6 Scholar Branches out Through App Creation “ SHAILA MEEKER Cutler scholars demonstrate what being successful can mean in all aspects of the word from academic achievement to volunteer work. By using their personal talents and skills as well as their drive for success, they can even create tools available on a larger level. Riedel-Cutler Scholar Shaila Meeker has created a website known as FreeAppMaven, a site used to direct users to the best free apps available on their mobile devices and computers. Being an English major and Computer Science minor student, it was expected that Meeker’s talents and interests would lead her to the creation of such a site. “Often when I read reviews, I get supremely excited to try the shiny new app that is being described, only to find that it is far out of a college student’s budget. Add up the cost of several of these apps in a weeks time and I could pay my rent for the same amount.” Meeker began creating the website when she herself would have trouble finding free apps that were usable and accurate in their presentation of what the app could actually do. “I love technology and obsess over trying the latest apps. I also enjoy writing so it was only inevitable for me to combine the two.” After having trouble herself, she was driven to create a website that could help out other college students and frequent app users like herself. Meeker reviews apps for most devices including those powered by Android, iOS, Web, Windows, and Mac apps. “ “With this in mind, I’ve decided to only review free and ad-supported apps. That way, readers can find awesome new software without spending even the cost of coffee.” In this issue... >> Scholar Branches Out 1 >> Alumni Updates 6 >> Class of 2018 2-3 >> From the Director 4 >> Alumna Featured 5 >> Rebecca Corbin Tribute 7 >> Class of 2014 8-9 Find us on Facebook for updates, news, pictures, and more!

Cutler Scholars Newsletter - Spring 2014

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