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CUTLER Times OHIO UNIVERSITY MANASSEH CUTLER SCHOLARS PROGRAM SPRING 2013 74 0 . 5 9 3 . 4 2 6 6 “ Introducing New Staff Member SHARON ROMINA Adapting well to change is an attribute that is hard to find and something the Cutler Scholars Program appreciates and looks for. For new staff member Sharon Romina, Cutler Scholars administrative assistant, adapting to new surroundings is something she does best. Romina has worked centrally for Ohio University for eleven years, but has changed her department a few times. “I began working at OU in August 2002 as a grant project coordinator in the Scripps College of Communication with the American Cancer Society partnership; later working on an NIH Food MASTER grant” Romina said. Romina relocated to Baker University Center and the Women’s Center in 2008 to work as the administrative assistant. In 2012 she was the administrative associate for two departments within the Patton College of Education. Her love of event planning, skills and dedication to the university brought her to the Manasseh Cutler Scholars program. “I provide administrative support to all aspects of the program. I handle the program’s day to day operation of the annual scholarship award process with contact to high school administration, nominees and parents. I coordinate event planning for alumni, Romina board members, benefactors and her daughters and scholars.”While Romina splash and has called Ohio University home play with dolphins for eleven years, she was born while in and raised in Youngstown, Ohio, Puerto living in various areas of the Vallarta, Romina and her two girls as well as her mother-in-law. IN THIS ISSUE 1 ALUMNI NEWS AND UPDATES >Staff Members Have a Word >Alumni Updates >Welcome Freshmen >Alumna Speaks >Gabe Takes India >Seniors Say Farewell -Sharon Romina North and South Eastern Ohio regions. Her two daughters, Ashley, 23, a graduate of Ursuline College and Angel, 18, a first year at Otterbein University, she says are the most important part of her life. “We love exploring new places! I cherish any time that I can spend with them.” We welcome Romina with open arms as she continues to show her dedication to Ohio University and the Cutler Scholars Program. She is a wonderful addition to the Cutler Scholars Family and continues to improve its atmosphere, scholars and employees. Romina says, “It is a pleasure to work with such exceptional students. I enjoy hearing stories about their adventures and experiences. I look forward to getting to know the class of 2017 Cutler Scholars and have a special bond with them because they are the first class I worked with” Mexico. Find us on Facebook for updates, news, pictures, and more! “It has been a pleasure to work with such exceptional students.” Bow-Wow Rescue Cutler Scholars Alumna Natalie Kruse Daniels had the chance to save a life recently, although it was unexpected. While taking radon test samples at a well near her home, she saw a dog trapped, continuously swimming trying to get to safety inside the 50 foot deep well. Luckily, Natalie brought her rock climbing gear and went down the well to bring the pup to safety. Although they ended up calling the fire department for further help, Natalie and the dog were okay. “ Cutler Babies Abigail Blanks, ‘03, had a baby boy on April 2, 2013 named Liam Donovan. Alumna Kacie Scherry Baon,’05, had her baby boy in January naming him Cooper William Baon. Brad Kleparek, ‘02, welcomed a baby girl into his family named Mia. Allison Norwood Levine, ‘01, had baby boy Benjamin on September 20th, 2012, and Aimie Colter Schilling ,‘01, had baby girl Claire. Congratulations to the alumni and their families! For more updates, go to page 5

Cutler Scholars 2013

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