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CUTLER Times OHIO UNIVERSITY MANASSEH CUTLER SCHOLARS PROGRAM FALL 2013 74 0 . 5 9 3 . 4 2 6 6 New Country, New School “ CHERYL MUKOSIKU The transition from high school to college can be one of the most trying challenges a young student faces. Add in a new country and being thousands of miles away from home and you have Cheryl Mukosiku’s experience, a freshman Botswana Top Achiever-Cutler Scholar. Traveling from Botswana to America to earn her undergraduate degree in biology, Mukosiku’s experience has been directly affected by the Cutler Scholars Program. “ “I knew I could count on the Cutler Scholars Program to be my small family away from home and it certainly reduced home sickness,” said Mukosiku. Though she came here to study biology, Mukosiku has big dreams and plans. Ever since childhood it has been her dream to be a doctor and with the opportunity to come to America to study, her dreams are starting to become a reality. “I had always wanted to become a doctor. If it wasn’t enough to dream of this, I began to grow an interest in Neurosurgery which has stuck with me to this day. After I graduate, I may stay and do my medical schooling here─only time will tell,” said Mukosiku. While in high school, Mukosiku was vice chairperson of the debate team, president of Junior Engineers, Techinicians and Scientists (JETS), and was also vice-captain on the basketball team. Along with her extracurricular achievements, Mukosiku was also awarded best female in mathematics, best female in sciences, and best female prefect. She was part of a few global projects including iEarn and the Australian Mathematics competition. While here, her goal is to truly immerse herself in the culture by experiencing new places and people while also being involved like she was in high school. “ “I want to make the most of everything that comes my way while in America. I love traveling so I hope to go to famous places─the Grand Canyon, Disneyland, New York City and more. I basically just want to have fun,” said Mukosiku. Mukosiku said, “The Cutler Scholars helped me a lot with fitting in. It was more comforting knowing that I wouldn’t be entirely alone as I began my college journey. It has become my home away from home.” In this issue... >> New Country, New School 1 >>Alumni Updates 2 >> Alumni Reunion 3 >>Scholars Council 3 >>Director’s Note 4 >>Scholar Research 5 >>Summer Experiences 6-7 >> Scholar Retreat 8 Find us on Facebook for updates, news, pictures, and more!

Cutler Scholars Newsletter- Fall 2013

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