Issuu on Google+ Friday, March 5, 2010 • 19 Adar 5770 Metro N.Y.C. $1.00 Obama’s Big-Picture Mideast Approach Dogged By Details Welcome to Haifa, Mr. and Mrs. Corrie By Steven Plaut By Ron Kampeas and Marcy Oster The city of Haifa is still recovering from the trauma of the summer of 2006, when it, along with the rest of northern Israel, was targeted by thousands of Katyusha rockets, fired from southern Lebanon by Hizbullah terrorists. Haifa has also been targeted by several suicide bombers who carried out mass murders against civilians in buses and restaurants. Now Haifa is about to become the victim of yet another indignity. It is to be the scene for a legal assault by the parents of Rachel Corrie. Rachel Corrie, you may recall, was a clueless American-flag-burning undergraduate from Evergreen State College in Washington. Urged on by her radical professors, she decided to join the missions organized by the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). She and her comrades were sent off to the “occupied territories” to assist Palestinian terrorist groups. ISM openly endorses Palestinian “armed struggle” against Israel – which in realistic terms means terrorism against Jews. It was the goal of Corrie and her friends to stop Israeli antiterror operations – an act that by its very implication would have made it easier for Hamas and its clones to murder Israeli civilians. Members of ISM are foolishly allowed by the Israeli government to enter the country, where they often serve as human shields for terrorists. In at least one case, weapons hidden on behalf of terrorists were discovered in ISM offices. In another notorious example of collaboration, two British Muslim terrorists blew up the Mike’s Place bar in Tel Aviv on April 30, 2003, killing (Continued on Inside Back Page) Shimon Golding/The Jewish Press WASHINGTON – Vice President Joe Biden, President Obama’s big-picture guy, is set to draw it for the Israelis next week in a major address: Confront Iran internationally, talk peace regionally. Bold strokes, but already Biden’s initiative is being dogged by scribbly details – timing on Iran, building in Jerusalem, restoration in the West Bank, and just how far apart will Israelis and the Palestinians sit. Biden was set to meet Tuesday afternoon with pro-Israel leaders and the White House’s top Middle East staffers, evidently in a bid to see how he can smoothe the picture’s corners before heading to Israel. The meeting, at the vice president’s home, was hush-hush – a sign of how vexing some of the problems have been. Among those problems are plans by Jerusalem’s mayor to level some Palestinian dwellings and move the families elsewhere; Israeli government earmarks for preserving Jewish holy sites in predominately Palestinian areas in the West Bank; Palestinian reluctance to return to direct talks, resulting in awkward “proximity” talks, where the parties communicate only through a U.S. interlocutor; and Israeli anxieties about the Obama administration’s reluctance to go for the jugular in confronting Iran. The decision causing the greatest waves this week was Netanyahu announced plan to include the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem among 150 heritage sites entitled to about $100 million in renovation funds. Both sites are in heavily Palestinian areas. U.S. officials reportedly have blasted their Israeli counterparts for the decision, and the Palestinian Cabinet held its most recent meeting in Hebron to protest. Hamas, the Islamist terrorist group controlling (Continued on Page 3) Candidates for City Council seat vacated by Simcha Felder listening to question at last week’s Jewish Press forum. Pictured left to right: David Greenfield, Jonathan Judge, Joe Lazar, Avraham Shlomo Tischler. See story, page 3. LOW Winter Fares to Israel from New York (JFK or Newark) • We’re Losing the Campus Debate ............................................................ 7 Travel before March 23, 2010 • A Newspaper That’s ‘Proud To Be Israeli’ .............................................. 10 $952 in Economy Class For details & restrictions, visit or call any travel agent or EL AL at (800) 223-6700 (Price includes fuel surcharge, $95.69 applicable taxes not included). Sara Lehmann on a discouraging NYU event Steve Walz interviews Yisrael Hayom Foreign Editor Boaz Bismuth • Building and Dedication of Newport’s Touro Synagogue ..................... 35 Dr. Yitzchok Levine’s Glimpses Into American Jewish History Kosher Food Section Page 31 Dining Guide Page 46 Expanded Travel Section Page 73-90 The Book Shelf Page 94

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