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Special Online Edition THE MADISON COURIER Madison Regatta ‘A heck of a cost of winning a race’ Monday, July 4, 2011 Collision with Qatar overshadows Oberto win on home course Photo courtesy Katie Brown/KaTor Photography, Lewisburg, Ky. N injury. After examining video, H1 Unlimited officials ruled that the accident was Villwock’s fault and he was disqualified. David, who was running in second place at the time of the accident and considered “an innocent victim,” was awarded the win. “Dave just got a little loose and hooked in front of me,” David, of Lighthouse Point, Fla., said. “There was nothing I could do and nothing he could do. It was just racing.” The collision was the second of the day and injurywise, was the less severe. In Heat 3A, Brian Perkins of Black Diamond, Wash., missed a buoy in the middle of turn one after taking a big hop and decided to steer his U-21 Miss Lakeridge Paving back through the infield to pick up the buoy. By DAVID CAMPBELL Courier Staff Writer ever has a victory come at such a cost. Steve David drove the U-1 Oh Boy! Oberto/ Miss Madison to its second-straight win on its home waters Sunday, but not before colliding with the U-96 Spirit of Qatar in the final heat of the Lucas Oil 61st Annual Indiana Governor’s Cup on Sunday. The Spirit of Qatar, driven by Dave Villwock, was leading the final by four boat-lengths from lane two when he hit a rough patch in the water in turn one and hooked right into the path of the oncoming Oberto. With no where to go, David had no choice but to run right over the Qatar at over 150 mph. The race was stopped immediately and safety and rescue crews rushed to the scene of the violent crash. However, both drivers were able to climb out of their boats under the own power and both escaped serious Continued Courier staff photo by David Campbell The Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison barrel-rolls after a collision with the Spirit of Qatar (top) in the final heat of the 2011 Indiana Governor’s Cup Sunday. Driver Steve David hangs his head while waiting for a rescue boat (bottom) and gets a hug from crew chief Mike Hanson after returning to the pits following a trip to the hospital to be checked out. David escaped serious injury and was awarded the win when the Qatar and driver Dave Villwock were disqualified. Courier staff photo by Mark Campbell

July 4, 2011 Madison Courier Special Regatta Coverage

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