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WEDNESDAY | 3.21.12 MaceandCROWN.COM | Vol. 54, Issue 20 The Lavender House has Been Approved LGBTQ Acquires a Floor in ODU Residence for Themed Housing By: Derek Page Assistant News Editor The Safe Space Committee’s proposal to secure designated housing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students has been approved. Students of the LBGTQ community will now have the option to live in a separate space within an ODU residence hall known as Lavender House that is exclusively for LGBTQ members and allies. “LGBTQ students and their supporters wanted more visible resources on campus,” said assistant director of new student and parents programs and Safe Space Committee member Kate Griffin. “We think it will offer them a wonderful opportunity to gain leadership skills, to live with students in an environment where they may feel more accepted, safe, and free to be themselves.” Fix a Leak Week see A2 The Lavender House has been established as a safe haven for LGBTQ students who may feel their on-campus safety may be in jeopardy because of their sexual orientation. According to the Virginian-Pilot, students signed up for the Lavender House “did not find an intolerant culture at Old Dominion, but each feared it before arriving.” Charles Lowman, assistant director of residence education and Safe Space Committee member, said, “The Lavender House will function with the goals of increasing retention, providing a supportive network of students, faculty, staff, and community members, creating opportunities for selfexploration and intellectual discourse, promoting holistic health and wellness, facilitating mentorship opportunities, creating a sense of belonging, and engaging students in the community.” According to the Virginian-Pilot, “Jennifer Mullen Collins said the Spectrum Art Show see B2 school based the concept on studies that showed students with support networks of people with similar interests had higher rates of retention, higher graduation rates and, in some case, higher grade-point averages.” In addition to the Lavender House, Men’s Basketball Carries On see C1 ODU offers themed housing for women in science majors, international students and members of the Army ROTC. The idea of themed housing has sparked some confusion and controversy among other students on cam- ODU Baseball Verses UMASS see C1 pus. “It’s unfair, plain and simple. If the school wants to stress equality then there should be equality; giving a specific group a specific floor is discrimination, or rather, reverse discrimination.” said senior Max Hrank. continued on A2 CAA Score Corner see C5 A Modern Tale of Feminism Keynote Speaker Naomi Wolf Appears for Women’s History Month By: Alyssa Narvell Arts & Entertainment Editor Naomi Wolf doesn’t sit quiet when it comes to women’s rights. Old Dominion featured Wolf, a social critic and political activist, in spirit of ODU’s Women Center’s thirty-fifth anniversary of their Women’s History Month, last Thursday in North Cafe. The discussion’s topic was “What’s Next for Feminism and Why Should I Care?” The talk was free and open to the public, and was sponsored by ODU’s Women’s Center, Office of Intercultural Relations and Division of Student Engagement and Enrollment Services. Wolf encourages women to take control of their life and enact societal change. She brings awareness to gender inequalities that exist in today’s society and politics. During her talk, she took audience members through the timeline of feminism, speaking of how America’s first feminists were to their tactics of achieving their goals. “Young western women report less and less interest in identifying themselves with the ‘F-Word’ - feminism, they say that the movement seems a relic of their mother’s era,” Wolf says. Wolf’s international bestseller, “The Beauty Myth,” challenges the cosmetic industry and the marketing of unrealistic standards of beauty, launching a new wave of feminism in the 1900s, according continued on A3 Inside the Mace: Old Dominion for Change Students Look to Help Children in Need Around the World An interest meeting was held in regards to Kony 2012 and Invisible Children. The meeting was to discuss what Old Dominion’s campus could do to help support the Invisible Children Foundation as well as to expose the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), Joseph Kony. continued on C3

March 21st, 2012

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