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Dixon and Crowder concert Paintball wins in tournament B8 B5 30 th ‘83 Tuesday, October 1, 2013 Today: Sunny 81/58 Tomorrow: Sunny 84/58 Liberty University Volume 31 • Issue 5 Alzheimer’s researched ‘13 Lynchburg, Va. beards and bandanas Isaacs wins award for researching multiple medical links to dementia Tiffany Samuels Dr. Gary Isaacs, assistant professor of the Liberty University Department of Biology & Chemistry, was recently awarded the 2013-14 Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases Research Award Fund (ARDRAF) in order to further his research and provide students with better research resources. Isaacs applied for the ARDRAF through Liberty last April. With this current award, he received $40,000, bringing his research total to $90,000 since his first year at Liberty in 2009. According to its website, the Virginia Center on Aging administers the ARDRAF, which provides funds to researchers in Virginia to stimulate groundbreaking research into biomedical and psychosocial features of dementia. Through observation of and interacting with students in class, Isaacs handpicks six students who are willing to give their time and energy for research, he said. The students not only learn new findings in the scientific world, but also learn how to write proposals when they discover them. “They are learning how to do the last part of research, which is (to) tell the world,” Isaacs said. Generally, the students who research under Isaacs continue to do so for two years. He said he not only wants to show students how to do an experiment for the sake of experimenting, but he also wants to do it so they can write, document and publish data. “I’m trying to teach students how to be really good scientists,” Isaacs said. “The best way to do that is to not tell them how other people have done it, but to have them do it themselves.” This teaching method has enabled Liberty students to showcase their research to other schools in Virginia. The Virginia Academy of Science hosts a meeting every spring, and Liberty competes with prestigious Virginia schools such as the University of Virginia and George Mason University. For the past two years, Liberty students have taken the top two awards. “At these meetings, everyone knows Liberty University, and they know our students,” Isaacs said. “I’ve had other professors who have said, ‘You’ve got a good group of kids, and you guys are doing a good job.’” Along with recognition, Liberty is making a name for itself in the scientific world of research. “Here we are at Liberty University, a big school but a small research school, and people are saying we are worth it,” Isaacs said. “To me that’s just God’s blessing.” Ruth Bibby | Liberty Champion Duck Commander HAPPY — Willie Robertson drew a huge audience to the College for a Weekend Convocation. Reality TV star Robertson speaks on faith, family and ducks Greg Leasure Liberty University Convocation, normally a sea of red the day before football games, contained a little more camouflage, Friday, Sept. 27. Willie Robertson, star of television’s “Duck Dynasty” See GRANT, A7 and CEO of hunting supply company Duck Commander, made his first appearance at Liberty Convocation, sharing how God has used his family through their show. College for a Weekend participant Rachael Daddona said she arrived with other members of the dorm she stayed on at 9:30 a.m. and had to sit on the stairs between sections because the Vines Center was so crowded. “It was amazing to see so many people in one spot, and (Robertson) was really interesting,” Daddona said. See DUCK, A6 Cameron’s ‘Unstoppable’ premieres Emily Brown Emily Webster Ruth Bibby | Liberty Champion MOVIE — Cameron shared his most personal story on screen. After months of production and preparation, actor and producer Kirk Cameron released his latest film, “Unstoppable” — a film he calls “the most personal project I have ever made” — Tuesday, Sept. 24. According to Cameron, more than 150,000 people across the U.S. attended the premiere. At Liberty, a near-capacity crowd filled the Vines Center to view the film. Opening with the introduction filmed in Convocation Monday, Sept. 23, Cameron welcomed all those viewing from more than 700 theaters around the nation. With Cameron watching from the front of the arena, INSIDE THE CHAMPION News Sports Feature The LaHaye Student Union hosted a Health Fair A8 Sept. 23 The Liberty Flames Sports Network expanded to more than 80 million homes B1 Freedom 4/24, Run for Their Lives, to be held Oct. 12 B8 the film began, its sound filling the silent room as students quietly watched the debut. “I was just very excited,” Cameron said. “I felt like I was going out to unveil something that was very special to me and something that I felt would be a real gift to other people who were struggling with finding God in the midst of their tragedy and suffering. So it kind of felt like Christmas morning. It was just very exciting to go out there and unwrap this present for everybody.” The film began with Cameron describing the moment he found out his young friend Matthew Sandgren had passed away after approximately 10 years of fighting cancer. Taking the approach of a story teller, News Opinion Sports Feature See CAMERON, A2 A1 A4 B1 B8

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