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Spiritual Emphasis Week B8 Flames lose to No. 1 Sun Devils B1 30 th Tuesday, January 28, 2014 Today: Mostly Cloudy 27/13 Tomorrow: Partly Cloudy 32/11 Liberty University ‘83 ‘13 Volume 31 • Issue 13 Lynchburg, Va. Law school rated No. 1 Arctic 5k Liberty has the top school for devout Christians Joshua Janney The National Jurist magazine ranked Liberty University as the No. 1 law school out of 52 schools for devout students of major religions Jan. 10. The magazine stated it considered the integration of faith, faculty and staff, student body and program of the school in determining the rankings. “We are very pleased and honored by the rating,” Mathew Staver, vice president and dean for Liberty University’s school of law, said. “I think it reflects the mission of Dr. Jerry Falwell in training champions for Christ. For us to be number one in the nation is a great testament to the mission of our school and the program of our education.” Staver said being ranked high on The National Jurist’s list did not put any additional pressure on the law school, because the faculty and students were already striving for the best. “We have always taken the position that in everything, we need to be excellent,” Staver said. “We need to be number one in everything. We are not content with settling for mediocrity nor are we content for settling for number two.” According to Staver, the School of Law wanted to have two specific elements to make them unique. See LAW, A6 Leah Stauffer | Liberty Champion RUN — Students participated in the first Student Activities race of the semester Jan. 5. See story on B5. ‘Animals’ claws to top YouTube names “How Animals Eat Their Food” as third overall video of 2013 Sophia Hahn If Liberty University alumnus Ian Deibert had to choose one word to describe the year of 2013, it would be “blessed.” Deibert and senior Nick Sjolinder went from being normal college students to YouTube sensations when they posted “How Animals Eat Their Food” to their “MisterEpicMann” channel April of 2013. Their video went viral overnight. “It is the weirdest thing, because we had a few videos before that hit a million views, and that was crazy,” Deibert said. “Then this one hit a million within an hour … After that, every million was too surreal.” With the new year, YouTube announced the top trending videos of 2013, ranking “How Animals Eat Their Food” at No. 3 overall, with more than 90 million views, and No. 1 on YouTube’s top comedy videos. “Before the viral video, my YouTube channel was just me and building my really small subscriber base — I think it got to 30,000 people before,” Sjolinder said. “When it hit, the night of it, I was just really numb, and when I woke up the next morning it was more than double I had built up in the past four years.” Sjolinder explained that “MisterEpicMann” is a place where he slowly became comfortable with being himself and releasing himself. Contest launches Students to compete for a free trip to Hollywood Greg Leasure Sophia Hahn be like people, and it is so much easier and less pressure if you try to be yourself Liberty University students will be putting their creative talents to use in pursuit of a two-person trip to Hollywood after recent Convocation speakers Mark Burnett and Roma Downey’s announcement of a video contest to promote their new movie, “Son of God.” According to the contest rules, Liberty students interested in making a video must first register online at After registering, they will be allowed access to four exclusive clips from the movie and two songs from the official “Son of God” album to be used in the production of a campaign-themed video urging people to “elect Jesus” by purchasing tickets to the movie, which premieres Feb. 28. Contest entries must be shorter than two minutes and 30 seconds and need to be turned in by Feb. 17. See ANIMALS, A7 See CONTEST, A3 Courtney Russo | Liberty Champion LAUGH — Sjolinder and Deibert hope to share the gospel. “I kind of make a point to not try and copy people,” Sjolinder said. “I honestly really try to be myself as much as possible, because I feel like Jim Carrey wasn’t trying to INSIDE THE CHAMPION News Sports Feature Campus construction gradually progresses to A8 completion. Sherman gives controversial interview after NFC title game Jan. 19. B3 International students spend a day at Snowflex during the Winter Welcome. B8 News Opinion Sports Feature A1 A4 B1 B8

Liberty Champion January 28

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