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Football plays spring game Today: Rain/Thunder 67/31 Tomorrow: Sunny 56/33 Liberty University B1 FACS students ‘Go Green, Go Glam’ B8 30 ‘83 Tuesday, April 15, 2014 th ‘13 Volume 31 • Issue 21 Lynchburg, Va. Election impacts supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Falwell encourages student to vote Greg Leasure Sophia Hahn With Lynchburg City Council Elections approaching May 10, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell said he would like to encourage students to participate in the local political process. “It only takes a small turnout to make a difference during these offseason elections, 3,000 votes is all it takes to swing the election one way or the other,” Falwell said. During the 2008 presidential election, more than 4,000 students registered to vote and were responsible for a 70 percent voter turnout rate in Ward III, according to a 2008 Liberty Champion article. Because of this a precinct was opened on campus, Falwell explained. “The only reason that we have a precinct on campus is because 4,000 students not only registered to vote but came out and voted,” Falwell said. “We used to have to bus them to the polls.” According to Falwell, when students vote, they benefit from their effort in many ways. “(When) we used to go to build something here, (city council required us) to get a conditional use permit, …” Falwell said. Courtney Russo | Liberty Champion MAGIC — Alluvion’s production of Mary Poppins opened April 11 with a sold-out performance. See full story on B8. See VOTE, A8 DIGI students represent Sony New book launches Towns writes study Bible James Ebrahim Emily Webster Author and Liberty University Cofounder Elmer Towns has completed his newest work since the announcement of his sabbatical during the fall of 2013 – “The Prayer Bible,” which will be released April 27. According to the book’s press release, Towns co-wrote this prayer Bible with the late Dr. Roy Zuck. Towns translated each verse of the New Testament and the poetical books of the Bible into a prayer, and Zuck translated the remaining books of the Old Testament. “In addition to paraphrasing each Bible verse into a prayer, there is a prayer attached to every chapter and a footnote for every verse that applies it to prayer principles,” the press release states. Towns stated in an email that he believes “The Prayer Bible” will make publishing history. See TOWNS, A2 Covering an expanse equivalent to the size of 35 football fields, more than 93,000 employees of major companies in the broadcast world from all 50 states attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, among them a Liberty professor and two Liberty students. Sam Farnsworth and Jerusha O’Dell, communications majors at Liberty, represented Sony on the floor of the NAB show. “I helped inform people as they came to the Sony booth and asked questions about our products,” Farnsworth said. According to O’Dell, the students learned much from the experience. “We got thrown onto the floor with only a few hours to memorize as much information about a product as possible,” O’Dell said. “So I learned all about what Sony has to offer as well as what everyone else is offering.” The NAB show gave students the opportunity to network with some of the big names in broadcasting. Among the companies attending the event were Gannett Broadcasting, BBC World News, ESPN and CNN, according to the NAB website. “I learned more about networking and just the emphasis on how important it is,” O’Dell said. “I knew it before, but it was reinforced from this trip.” Farnsworth emphasized the importance of interacting with fellow colleagues and business people. “Network, network, network,” Farnsworth said. “This business is all about who you know.” Become an Aircraft Mechanic with Liberty University 100% Job Placement Photo Provided BROADCAST — Farnsworth and O’Dell learned that it is extremely important to network. 12 Month Program See NAB, A3 Become an Aircraft Mechanic with Liberty University FAA Airframe & Become an Aircraft Mechanic with Powerplant Liberty University Ratings 100% Job Placement Job Placement 12100% Month Program FAA Airframe & Program 12 Month Powerplant Ratings FAA Airframe Call 434-582-2183 & Powerplant Ratings Call Call 434-582-2183 434-582-2183

Liberty Champion April 15 2014

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