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OUR ECONOMY, OUR COMMUNITY ECONOMIC AND COMMUNITY IMPACT REPORT Dear colleagues, $191.1 MILLION Economic Impact $103.3 MILLION For more than 100 years, Loyola University New Orleans has remained committed to acting as a catalyst for positive social change and community service in New Orleans while we educate students in the Jesuit tradition. Our efforts in these areas—community service and higher education—have, besides their innate qualities, a significant positive effect on the Greater New Orleans and Louisiana economies. These efforts work in tandem—a healthy economy supports a healthy community, and the same is true of the inverse. As a major employer with major expenditures to local companies, a magnet that attracts a highly skilled workforce and student body to the city, a university that graduates ethical leaders, and an institution committed to social justice, Loyola contributes substantially to the economy and community of our beloved hometown, New Orleans. to local businesses I am pleased to share with you this report on Loyola University’s economic impact this fiscal year and some of our programs that benefit the New Orleans community we hold dear. $391,718 With prayers and best wishes, Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D., President $70.9 MILLION to faculty/staff/contractors service learning projects $16.5 MILLION spent by out-of-state students

Economic impact report 2013

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