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1_LBBJ_Mar4_SectionA_LBBJ MASTER LAYOUT 3/2/14 4:37 PM Page 1 Health Wise ege The Coll s es Of Busin ion tra t Adminis B At CSUL Develop ing Early He althy Eating H abits A Defense Against Pediatric O besity See Sec rday The Satu gram ro P A MB 4 g See Pa e tion B, P age 10 March 4-17, 2014 No Intention To File Suit Against L.B. Transit, BYD VP Says FINAL IN A SERIES Mayoral Candidates Respond To Questions The Business Journal presents the last in a four-part series asking the top mayoral candidates to respond to questions. ■ By SAMANTHA MEHLINGER Staff Writer hinese-based bus manuC facturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) does not intend to Question Damon Dunn Robert Garcia Bonnie Lowenthal There have been many complaints that the Mayor and City Council do not do enough to support the arts in Long Beach. What do you think, and how would you support the arts? Question Doug Otto Why should voters support you to be the next Mayor of Long Beach? Gerrie Schipske Turn To Pages 16-17 To Read Their Responses Peter Nily, general manager of Flight Safety International in Long Beach, sits in the cockpit of a Gulfstream GIV flight simulator, which is used to train corporate pilots. See stories about Flight Safety, Boeing employment, flight schools and possible customs service at Long Beach Airport on Pages 10-15. (Photograph by the Business Journal’s Thomas McConville) State, Local Support For The Creative Sector Could Give Business A Boost ■ By TIFFANY L. RIDER Editor upport for the creative sector, a multi-billion-dollar segment of California’s economy, is growing at both local and state levels. This comes at a time when competition from other states for jobs in this sector is ramping up. Termed the creative economy, this sector is broader than “traditional” arts. It includes commercial application of design, art, education and entertainment, as well as nonprofit work and independent creative professions. For Southern California, the most apparent example is the sound recording and motion picture industry, according to Robert Kleinhenz, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC). S Long Beach Business Journal 2599 E. 28th Street, Suite 212 Signal Hill, CA 90755-2139 562/988-1222 • Business Journal Weighs In On Possible New Civic Center See Section B, Page 11 “These creative industries have long been a part of the state’s economy, are a significant source of jobs and incomes, and have a ripple effect in other parts of the state economy,” Kleinhenz told the Business Journal in an e-mail. Since 2007, the LAEDC has produced an economic report on the creative sector in Los Angeles and Orange counties in partnership with Otis College of the Arts. The 2013 Otis Report, released last month, included an analysis of the creative economy’s impact statewide. This is the first time the report has spanned the entire state, thanks to a grant from the California Arts Council. “In this era of information technology where ideas play such an key role, creative industries, occupations and activities typically bring those ideas to life and are essential to developing those ideas into commercial applications,” Kleinhenz said, noting that support for education and (Please Continue To Page 6) sue Long Beach Transit (LBT), contrary to reports claiming otherwise, Micheal Austin, vice president of BYD America told the Business Journal. (Please Continue To Page 8) BUSINESS JOURNAL ENDORSEMENT Charles Parkin For City Attorney James Johnson Does Not Have The Experience To Serve In This Critical Post ■ By GEORGE ECONOMIDES Publisher any in the community M acknowledge that the most important decision faced by local voters in this election cycle is who shall serve as the city attorney for Long Beach. Providing the correct legal advice to elected officials and staff is absolutely essential for a smooth city operation. The wrong advice could prove costly. (Please Continue To Page 18) PART V IN A SIX-PART SERIES 1994-2007: Turmoil, Then Transition PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE (Publisher’s note: To mark April’s 40th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the Business Journal has teamed up with the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach to present a series of articles highlighting America’s #1 street race.) PAID Long Beach, CA PERMIT NO. 254 ■ By GORDON MORRIS, Staff Writer, Grand Prix Association of Long Beach Read About Digital Eye Strain In Health Care Quarterly Section B hile Al Unser Jr. was W winning the 1994 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – enroute to his second Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) championship – events in far-off Indianapolis were destined to have far-reaching effects. There, Tony George, president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, resigned from the CART Board of Directors and announced the formation of a new (Please Continue To Page 27)

March 4-17, 2014 Section A

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