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1_LBBJ_Mar18_SectionA_LBBJ MASTER LAYOUT 3/17/14 3:27 PM Page 1 Health Wise ege The Coll s es Of Busin ion tra t Adminis B At CSUL ss Electron ic Medical R e co r d s – Take Co ntrol Of Your Health Section ll Busine 2014 Sma s Index on Expectati e 4 See Pag B – Page POLITICALWIRE James Johnson Misleading Voters In Effort To Win City Attorney Post ■ By GEORGE ECONOMIDES, Publisher’s Perspective he mailer to voters showed a T smiling picture of James Johnson’s opponent for city attorney with the words: “You would be smiling too if you had a $259,240 yearly pension at taxpayers’ expense. . . . City Hall Insider Charlie Parkin Profiting at Our Expense.” What voters were not told is that Johnson, a councilmember, voted for a pay increase for Parkin, which Johnson knew would automatically trigger an increase in the pension cost. It was a cheesy, below-the-belt tactic being employed by a desperate candidate who realizes he can(Please Continue To Page 20) Focus On Nonprofit Sector See Pages 23-31 Women In Business See Section B Future Of Transit’s Bus Project With BYD Uncertain ■ By SAMANTHA MEHLINGER Staff Writer he Federal Transit T Administration (FTA) has confirmed its position that Long Beach Transit’s contract with Hotel Ownership Won’t Accept Further Delay On Mixed-Use Project Coastal Commission Chair Kinsey Says Group ‘Doesn’t Look Favorably To Threats’ ■ By TIFFANY L. RIDER Editor ilversands Property USA, S owner of the property at 2010 E. Ocean Blvd., is moving forward with a previously entitled design for a new mixed-use project unless the California Coastal Commission schedules a hearing for April to discuss a modified design. The project, located in the February 2008, an agreement IthenwasChamp finally reached to merge Car Series with the to build 10 zero-emission buses for Long Beach Transit. The December letter, penned by Linda Ford, director of the FTA’s office of civil rights, said that BYD’s DBE “certifications were false” when BYD was awarded the contract last year. (Please Continue To Page 12) Where Do They Stand? 16 Of 19 City Council Candidates Respond To Business Journal Questionnaire ■ By GEORGE ECONOMIDES, Publisher effort to provide voters a better understanding of where city council candidates stand on a variety IAprilofn anissues impacting Long Beach, the Business Journal sent a questionnaire to all 19 individuals on the 8 ballot. The e-mail addresses on file with the city clerk’s office, supplied by the candidates, were used. Responses were received from 16 of the 19 candidates by the March 7 deadline. Below are the combined votes of the 16 candidates (to read their individual responses, answers to three additional questions and other data, see Pages 16 to 19). In fairness to the candidates, they deserve a little wiggle room since they were not allowed to explain their answers, nor did they have the benefit of a staff report or public input. But responses do provide readers a glimpse into their thinking. Remember, five of the candidates will be first-time members of the city council in mid July and may be casting votes on these or related issues. Questions Yes Leaning Yes Leaning No No • Do you favor increasing the minimum wage for restaurant workers to anywhere from $11 to $13 an hour? 3 3 4 6 1 10 4 1 5 7 2 2 • In order to attract more businesses to Long Beach, would you support suspending the business license fee during a new business’ first two years of operation? 11 4 0 1 • The city’s economic development bureau was eliminated several years ago. Do you support reestablishing the bureau with a charge of attracting and retaining business? 15 0 1 0 • Assuming funding is available, would you support increasing the size of the Long Beach Convention Center to accommodate larger conventions? 10 6 0 0 • Would you support hiring an arts advocate to work from the city manager’s or the mayor’s office to serve as a voice for the arts community? 3 8 2 3 • The city currently allocates roughly $375,000 from the General Fund budget for the Long Beach Arts Council. Would you support increasing that amount to $700,000? 1 7 5 3 • The noise ordinance for the Long Beach Airport allows for a minimum of 41 daily commercial flights. If noise was reduced due to the development of quieter aircraft, would you support an increase in daily flights? 3 3 4 6 • Currently, the city attorney is an elected position. Would you support the position being an appointment by the city council, similar to the city clerk’s position? 2 4 4 6 • Do you support eliminating the Long Beach breakwater? 2 8 4 2 • If elected, would you make your appointment calendar available online for all to see? 15 1 0 0 PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE • Do you feel the city council did the right thing in suing the City of Los Angeles over the proposed BNSF railway project? 7 5 2 2 PAID • Do you support allowing marijuana businesses to operate in Long Beach? 2 10 2 2 • Do you support contracting out more city services if it is proven to save the city money and the service is equal to or better than that provided by city staff? 5 5 4 2 4 4 5 1 5 6 2 5 12 3 1 0 (Please Continue To Page 14) Indy Racing League. The ongoing drama was over and the long and storied history of Champ Car racing was to become, officially, part of the IRL. Remaining Champ Car teams such as Newman/Haas Racing, Dale Coyne Racing and Conquest Racing were set to transition to the IRL for the new season and series. Kevin Kalkhoven’s PKV Racing Team, co-owned by 1996 Long Beach Business Journal 2599 E. 28th Street, Suite 212 Signal Hill, CA 90755-2139 562/988-1222 • FTA indicated that BYD was ineligible for the Transit Investments for the Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) grant because it had not demonstrated that it complied with federal Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirement at the time it was awarded a contract • Do you support developing a new Long Beach Civic Center? 2008-13: Detente, Then Full Speed Ahead! ■ By GORDON MORRIS, Staff Writer, Grand Prix Association of Long Beach Chinese-based bus manufacturer Build Your Dreams (BYD) BYD is ineligible for FTA funding and that the transit company must either pay for the multi-million dollar project on its own or rebid. In letters dated November and December of 2013 and made public by the FTA two weeks ago, • Do you support including the harbor department headquarters as part of a new Long Beach Civic Center? LAST IN A SIX-PART SERIES (Publisher’s note: To mark April’s 40th Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach, the Business Journal has teamed up with the Grand Prix Association of Long Beach to present a series of articles highlighting America’s #1 street race.) 14 March 18-31, 2014 (Please Continue To Page 22) Long Beach, CA PERMIT NO. 254 • Do you believe Long Beach needs to develop more low-income housing? • Do you believe Long Beach needs more homeless shelters? • The headline from the Long Beach Police Department read: “2013 crime statistics show lowest reported violent crimes in 41 years.” Does Long Beach need to hire more police officers?

March 18-31, 2014 Section A

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