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1_LBBJ_Mar18_SectionB_LBBJ MASTER LAYOUT 3/16/14 8:15 PM Page 1 Women In Business Financial Stability Improving For Women-Owned Businesses Small Business Loan Applications Increasing numbers of women-owned businesses are applying for credit. 610 2013 2012 592 40 Months 27 Months Average Age Of Business Women-owned companies are applying for credit at an earlier stage in their life cycle. These figures reflect confidence in the ability to pay back loans. Approval Rates Approval rates of women-owned businesses are 8% lower than approval rates for men-owned businesses. On average, the approval rate for male-owned businesses across all categories of lenders was 39% in 2013; for women-owned businesses, across all categories of lenders, the approval rate was 31%. 39% 31% Gross Operating Margin 40% 62% 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% INSIDE • Women-Owned Businesses Grew And Strengthened In 2013 • Profiles Of 8 Women Business Co-owners • Six Local Waitresses On Loving Their Work • Who’s Who Women In Business ALSO: • Encore – People In The News • Perspective Average Credit Score The average credit score for women-owned businesses climbed from 592 in 2012 to 610 in 2013. The quality of companies applying for funding has improved. Having a credit score below 600 is a major hurdle for any business seeking capital. 29% 2012 59% 2013 Charts and information provided courtesy of Biz2Credit

March 18-31, 2014 Section B

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