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IndIa’s LeadIng LogIstIcs MagazIne february 2012 Vol. 5 — no.6 INDIA `100 Sachin Vyas That Perfect Blend frOzen flaVOrS 34 How Natural Icecreams puts its offerings together. anil tandon Sachin Vyas, VP – Sales & Distribution and anil tandon, VP – Operations (asia), tata Global beverages, have seamlessly integrated their functions with brilliant results. Page 22 CheCk my flOw: How to find a contraint in a system and how to empower it....14 On the ball: Critical lessons on building an agile and responsive supply chain...20 PaV wOw: A sacks-to-kitchen story on the supply-chain of Jumboking vada pav.....46

LOG.India February 2012

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