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VILLA KOKOBEACH MENÚ If you would like a cook to prepare a meal for you, let the maid or manager know at least one day in advance. He will happily cook and serve your meal for a fee plus the cost of food. On the day you wish to have a meal, you will need to give him the money to purchase the groceries and payment in advance for preparing the meal, serving and cleaning up. Please note that rates are subject to change. FEE BREAKFAST $3.-USD per person per day LUNCH Up to 10 people $40.00.-USD 11 to 18 people $65.00.-USD DINNER Up to 10 people $55.00.-USD 11 to 18 people $85.00.-USD BREAKFAST Jugo de frutas / Fruit juice Plato de frutas / Fruit plate Plato de frutas con yogurt / Fruit plate with yogurt Fruta con granola y yogurt / Fruit with granola and yogurt Tostadas a la francesa / French toast Pancake / Hot cakes Pan dulce / Sweet bread Huevos aporreados / Beaten eggs Huevos rancheros / Rancheros eggs Huevos motuleños / Eggs with refried beans served on toast Huevos fritos / Fried eggs Huevos a la mexicana / Mexican eggs Huevos revueltos con tocino / Scrambled eggs with bacon Huevos revueltos con jamón / Scrambled eggs with ham Huevos revueltos con chorizo / Scrambled eggs with sausage Huevos revueltos con queso / Scrambled eggs with cheese Huevos revueltos con champignons / Scrambled eggs with mushrooms Omelet ranchero / Omelet with onion, garlic and tomato

Koko Beach Menu

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