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CASA DE COLORES Cook Available Upon Request Zulma, our housekeeper, is an excellent cook. Zulma would be pleased to cook for you at your request. She will prepare the meal for you for $8 USD per person: for more than 8 people, add an additional $7 USD per person. These charges are paid directly to Zulma after the dinner. Please note that rates are subject to change. Zulma will prepare your meal in Casa de Colores; she will set the table, serve the meal, and clean up afterward. She will shop for you as well. You need to give her money to purchase the food and for taxi. Zulma will return with a receipt of the purchases. She will also need 24 hours notice. You should purchase your own alcohol. Taxi fare to Playa del Carmen is $300 pesos round trip. Playa has much a better selection of food items and better prices than local stores. Sample Dinner Menus Menu 1‐Puerco a la Yucateca (Yucatan Pork) • • • • • • • A traditional Yucatan dish made with thin sliced pork, green pepper, White onions, bacon and local spices. Guacamole and chips Fresh pico de gallo (salsa) Red or White rice Black beans Corn or flour tortillas Flan (homemade with wonderfully fresh eggs) Menu 2‐ Chili Relleno de Queso (Poblano Chili Stuffed with cheese) • • • Poblano Chili stuffed with cheese and cooked to perfection with fresh tomato sauce Tossed green salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, avocado) with choice of thousand island, blue cheese or Italian dressing Guacamole and Chips

De Colores Menu

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