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Welcome to Las Behlas, Tulum ******** Check-in and check-out. Guests may check-in at 3:30 p.m. on their arrival date. Check out time is 11:00 a.m. on Saturday (or other date of departure if applicable). Late check-out may be available. Meals, Spa Treatments, etc.. A host of services are available at Las Behlas, including delicious Mexican meals, and massages or yoga with some of Tulum’s best therapists. See the full lists on the next pages, and contact management if you’d like to book services. Internet. Wifi internet is available upon advance notice ($50 per week) – please consult management if you would like this service. Safety and valuables. Please keep your valuables in the safes when on the beach, when you leave and at night. Please also lock your rooms and the house doors when you leave and at night. Cleaning and towels / sheets. Sheets & towels are changed mid-week. If you need additional changes, please ask. Recycling. We provide a recycling basket for glass and cans. We ask that you please rinse recycled items to avoid pests. If bottles come from a case (the corona line), please return empty bottles to the case – these are accepted for recycling separately by the Corona company. Electricity. water, towels, etc. Tulum’s unspoiled beaches are not connected to power or water lines, and Behla relies on re-useable energy and water. Please use enough water, electricity and towels to ensure your comfort, but refrain from wasteful use. Please, only small amounts of paper in toilets. Smoking and candles. Behla has some palapa roofs and ocean breezes coming through, so please no smoking in the house. Fire extinguishers located in the kitchen areas and stairs. Mosquitoes. We recommend closing doors by dusk to avoid mosquitoes in your room at night. Mosquito coils are provided (please use only in the trays). Emergency Numbers Doctor Salvador Emergency / Ambulencia Emergency / Police 984 8070 916 or 984 1149 844 066 or 876 2201 066 or 871-2055 Tips… are very welcome if you are happy with the service.

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