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Volume 3, Issue 1 TASK FORCE LOBOS 31 January 2012 Task Force Lobos, Regional Command-North, Afghanistan Task Force Commander LTC Huff and Command Sergeant Major Soliz stand beside the massive Task Force Lobos mural at Camp Marmal, Afghanistan. Featuring updates from: HHC/Wolfpack 1 A CAC/Vultures A ASLT/Werewolves B CO/Blackcats 2 B ATK/Reapers C CO/Witchdoctors D CO/ Outlaws 3 E CO/Renegades F CO/Ravens Rear Det/Rear Guard 4 Task Force Lobos began the new year by building upon the reputation for excellence and reliability that our passengers expect. Occasional breaks in the harsh winter weather allowed us to fly more hours in January than in previous winter months, enabling a larger role for our Task Force in the broader Regional CommandNorth mission. After eight full months of combat operations, our supported ground forces rely heavily on the unique capabilities that our forces bring to the fight. Capel praised the discipline, excellence, and leadership of the Task Force’s noncommissioned officers and Soldiers, taking special notice of the teamwork between the aviation support functions and aircrews that enable each mission to take place. This month, the Task Force conducted its most complex air assault to date, involving four different airframes, a multi-national assault force, and requiring our aircrews to execute extremely difficult tactical maneuvers at remote sites. We depended on This month we executed a battle- each of our nine companies to field circulation for the ISAF Com- flawlessly conduct its mission mand Sergeant Major just days under the increased pressure of a after his assumption of responsi- high profile mission. Our success, bility. During his visit, our crews including the capture of several conducted several VIP movehigh value enemies, speaks volment missions in Regional Com- umes of our Soldiers’ intense skill mand-North, enabling CSM Capel and professionalism. to visit several of our mission partners. At the end of his visit, This month we received the Brihe made a special point to visit gade’s redeployment operation with Task Force Lobos, where he order, which thoroughly outlined met the hardworking men and the preparations, responsibilities, women who contributed to the and tasks that will lead to our success of his battlefield circula- return to Fort Hood. The Battaltion. Upon his departure, CSM ion staff immediately began Wolfpack Although I’ve been in command for a short period of time, I cannot be more proud of the Wolfpack. Every Soldier has impressed me with their commitment to completing their part of the Task Force’s mission. Despite the colder temperatures, they maintain positive attitudes and our motivated and hardworking Soldiers take care of each other. I look forward SPC Bently and SPC Darby receive awards from LTC Huff to leading the Wolfduring a promotion ceremony on Camp Marmal. pack as it completes its deployment and throughout my tenure as commander. This past month the Wolfpack conducting two promotion ceremonies. CPT Jackson was recently promoted to MAJ, and PV2 Martin was promoted to PFC. In addition to the promotions, HHC had the privilege of recognizing those Soldiers who performed above the standard in their duties. The Soldiers of the S-1 section earned Army Achievement Medals for their outstanding efforts distributing 60,000 pounds of mail during the Holiday season, a 60% increase over typical postal operations. In addition to these awards, SPC Darby re- analysis of the operation order, and will soon provide guidance to our companies. Redeploying the aircraft, vechiles, equipment, and Soldiers of the Brigade’s largest aviation task force will require detailed planning, engaged leadership at all levels, and the diligent efforts of every member of our team. Although this brings with it challenging work, it also signifies the gradual approach to the conclusion of our tour in Afghanistan. While on mid-tour leave in the Fort Hood area, I made a personal visit to our Rear Detachment. During this visit, I executed the Detachment change of command, welcoming CPT Fritz Beck as the new Rear Guard Commander. I also took the opportunity to meet several new Soldiers, and observe the work the Rear Detachment conducts on a daily basis. This visit assured me that our Rear Detachment remains well led, engaged in its mission, and composed of dedicated Soldiers eager to contribute to the Task Force. - LOBO6 ceived the Good Conduct Medal for her outstanding service in the S-6 shop. I would also like to thank Sheri Beck for all of her selfless work as the FRG Leader. She recently passed her duties to Victoria Goepfert and Gina Oden who will co-lead the FRG for the foreseeable future. The Wolfpack truly appreciates Victoria and Gina for volunteering and taking the time to contribute to such a great organization. To all Wolfpack Family and friends, I extend my thanks for your personal service and sacrifice to our team! Wolfpack 6

Task Force Lobos Jan 2012 newsletter

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