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Times Last Mountain Serving The Last Mountain Area Since 1908 Volume 105, No 6 Published by Last Mountain Times Ltd. Nokomis / Strasbourg, SK Single copy price: $1.00 Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Community meeting attracts large turnout The Nokomis School Community Council was pleased with the huge turn-out to its public meeting Wednesday, November 30. More than 130 concerned residents (not all of whom appear in the photo) went to the Nokomis Centennial Hall to hear presentations and provide input for the Council. Shown above, facilitator Murray Hildebaugh guided the group through a discussion exercise to identify their major points of concern around the Nokomis School Review. At the end of the session, - LMT Photo residents were asked to fill out a survey form and provide further feedback to the Council. More than 130 local and area residents turned out to the Nokomis School Community Council’s public meeting in Nokomis on Wednesday evening, November 30 to once again hear impassioned pleas to save the Nokomis School from being closed or down-sized. School Council members Tim Hendry and David Mark conducted the meeting, with the assistance of facilitator Murray Hildebaugh, a former recreation and tourism instructor at SIAST. Mayor Fred Wright was the first to speak on the School Review issue. “Here we are again. It seems like this fight just keeps going on and on,” Wright said. “I’d like to state publicly that the Nokomis Town Council stands behind the Nokomis School Community Council one-hundred per cent. We’ve even suggested that they acquire the services of a lawyer to help them out.” “I’ll tell you right now, this town is no good without its school. Our school is very, very important to our town,” Wright said. “How can we entice families to move here if we don’t have a school? How can we entice new businesses to come here if we don’t have a school? It’s so obvious to us! In addition, I don’t think it’s in the best interests of our school children to be bussed an hour plus – every morning and night – and missing all the activities and events they would not have time for, if they were being bussed to Lanigan. So, on behalf of Council, let’s take the fight!!” It seemed a little out of place when Ev Edwards was introduced to do a presentation on the proposed Bridge Road Seniors Housing Complex, but soon after she began speaking, you could see heads nodding in agreement across the packed community hall. “A group of Nokomis residents and organizations have been meeting to help develop a solution to the housing shortage in Nokomis,” Edwards told the gathering. “We’ve looked at a variety of models and opportunities, and have now narrowed our focus to one particular opportunity. After meeting with Bridge Road Developments Ltd, we are looking at construction of an 18 unit adult living complex. The suites would be fully accessible and selfcontained, with a full service common area.” “The two principal ideas behind this project are to provide a maintenance-free, active, adult living complex in Nokomis, and to free up existing housing that would be appropriate for families to purchase so they could live in our community,” Edwards said. “We expect that a minimum of 12 to 14 houses could become available locally.” Edwards said the project would be a ‘win-win-win’ when considered from a school enrolment perspective. She noted that the community of Redvers (population approx. 900) experienced a population increase of about 100 as the result of a similar housing project, and another 18 unit complex is now in the process of being built there. She added that potential in- vestors are being confirmed, and once things become a little more firmed up, the group will be hosting a community information meeting, possibly as early as this coming January. If everything goes as planned, the project could be completed as early as the summer of 2013. Story continued on page 3. Christmas advertiser Strasbourg Dental Clinic picks up ‘early booking’ prize basket Don’t Miss checking out your free copy of the 2011 Christmas issue of The Market Connection In your mailbox now! Staff of the Strasbourg Dental Clinic were thrilled to pick up their prize basket from the Strasbourg Last Mountain Times office on Tuesday, November 29. The Dental Clinic was the lucky winner of Last Mountain Times and The Market Connection advertisers draw, for those who booked their Christmas greeting ads early. The staff of Last Mountain Times trusts that Dr. Cheryl Vertefeuille (left) and her staff, Tiffany McDougall and Denise Hubick (right) will enjoy the goodies in the Buds ‘N Blossoms gift basket!


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